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  1. Oh dang. Not going to force myself to pick a favorite. I apologize for cheating: Amos and Holly: Hey you know what we don't have yet? A gremlin serial killer. I took the idea of gremlin mimicry and added it to a very warped concept of the Red Chapel Killer and Ms. Squidpiddge. Amos was my current group's first antagonist, and a bait and switch for the character who's destiny step we were on. She was inexplicably a fangirl of Seamus and so nearly threw herself and the little green murderer before realizing what was going on. He's now shown up a couple of times to harass the party when I need a hateable necromancer, having last kidnapped one of the party's ex-fiance and selling him off in a sort of Necromancer slave auction. Holly, on the other hand, is the lovestruck henchman of Seamus and a full-blooded living human. Her demeanor is playing up the part of mid-90s Harley Quinn (someone once described Seamus and Molly as similar and I ran with that poor description). Holly refuses to admit she's still living, taking hours out of her day to paint herself up as a zombie. She's since come to terms with how Amos has been treating her, and has since struck out on her own (after breaking out of jail, of course). Gal Lucia - Gal is the former Avatar of Fortune (the Tyrant). He appeared in a story arc I used to sort of warn one Fated of the dangers of wealth, power, and luxury. While Gal was never a true antagonist, he did basically bet his role as Avatar to the player, who ended up winning the bet and poofed Gal into non-existence. He got better. Gal now is some kind of party demigod, appearing at just about every celebration the group finds themselves at. He's basically a PG-13 Caligula powered with Tyrant magic. Completely harmless, though, he uses his power to shower guests with bon bons and iPhones (despite a distict lack of cell reception in 1907) or put on a one-man production of The King and I in increasingly elaborate peacock-themed costumes. Also he's voiced by Markiplier. Eric Tannenberg - Eric is a high-ranking Guild Officer and a member of a secret organization that a few of the party belong to know as The Circle (loose group of like-minded magicians who believe that all magic should be legal and spend most of their attention on staving off the Tyrants). Every time he shows up, something bad happens. Mostly he just threatens them with spilling their secrets to the Guild (executions for everyone) unless they do some incredibly dangerous task for him. While it does appear that his blackmailing ends up helping the group it's not without questionable actions and putting them in humiliating situation. I plan of keeping his true intentions unclear, as it is great to frazzle the party with his appearance.
  2. Fair, I was using Zoraida because I had already brought her up for the multi-action question. A less-complicated example would be say Amina Naidu obeying Bad Juju to attack Toni Ironsides.
  3. I'm referring to Obeying an enemy model that has Demise (Eternal). If Zoraida (in this case) has control of it when Burt's trigger kills it, you would be able to decide not to discard the card necessary to revive the target.
  4. So, just to clarify, you're saying that regardless of additional actions, the model with Demise is under Zoraida's control when it would die from Burt's trigger?
  5. I had a few questions regarding Obey that are relatively similar. 1. When Obeying an enemy model, does control return to them before or after the 'After Resolving' step? Say Zoraida forces an enemy model with Demise (Eternal) to attack Burt Jebsen. Burt gets his 'It's All in the Reflexes' trigger, and deals enough damage to kill the attacking model. Is the controlled model still under Zoraida's control and thus they can choose NOT to discard a card to heal, or has the action 'ended' and thus control would go back to the owner who would likely discard? 1a. If control does return to the opponent, is this the logical order of control for the Ensorcel go: 1. Model makes attack under Zoraida's control. 2. Control returns to Owner for 'After Resolving' step. 3. Control goes back to Zoraida for the second attack. 4. Control returns to Owner for 'After Resolving'. 2. If Zoraida Obeys a model with Butterfly Jump and gets the Ensorcel trigger, when does the effect of Butterfly Jump go off?
  6. I'm going to cheat and say Every train ride in my TTB games. I started this tradition a while ago, but I keep coming back to it because it's a nice change-up from the normal RPG session. I assign my players another player's character, and they generate an interesting NPC or event for that character. I'll usually take over from that point but sometimes folks want to play as the NPC they created. It's been a constant source of new character development, lore, and in-jokes for the group. One player encountered a demigod that was a sentient swarm of bees and now we include bee-related scares for him every train ride, a woman is haunted by spectres that represent her guilt, the big bruiser discovered she's great with kids and always gathers a crowd, I've had crossovers with other games, and impromptu hoedowns, infinitely spawning birds and the unluckiest man in Malifaux, cartoon villains and dark reflections of PCs. It's always a good time when the party has to go on a trip.
  7. I don't mind admitting that I misinterpreted a rule. I'll edit when I get home from work. As far as 'clarification' goes it would be nice to simply state you choose when you declare an action, then add the declared suit to the final duel total. Well that makes me a little sad. Not for a drop in perceived power level, but that it's much harder to have an excuse to declare anything but Rams.
  8. I've always used height as a round to the nearest yard. Height 1 < 4.5 feet. Height 2 is between 4.5 to 7.5 feet, Height 3 is between 7.5 to 10.5. So on and so fourth.
  9. Uh..well in my current arc, John Phillip Sousa has a parade of noise gamin/golems that he's manufactured out of hundreds of instruments and the Animate Construct spell.
  10. I think this could use some clarification regardless of what the actual ruling is. My interpretation is that the 'when declaring an action' is to clarify that you can only do this during this models actions. But I can definitely be wrong.
  11. Plant Explosives. Also enemy scheme markers are useful for Walk the Line, Fitzsimmons, and Saboteurs. Edit: Corner case scheme denial. If you know what they're trying to score, forcing them to spend time picking up the marker (another soulstone for you), or having to run to as spot 4 inches away to put another one down is not a bad tactic.
  12. Completely missed Staggered, thanks for the catch! I'll need to rewrite that paragraph as it changes him.
  13. What: Conflagration Confrontation is a 50ss M3E Three Round Tournament Where: Mayhem Comics and Games in Clive, IA (Des Moines) When: August 10th, starting at 10am Cost: $10 entry fee. Prizes will be given out to every attendee Extra: Prize selection will be based around overall winner, which is a combination of wins, placement, and painting scores. Tournament Packet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LqINYIAWf72RWv7qi1nL0MBIAxWNcUrcKDmfP6xOcI0/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Set Charge - Until the End Phase, after an enemy ends a move in base contact with a Scheme or Scrap Marker within range, all enemy models within p3 of the Marker suffer 2 damage. Then remove the Marker. If the enemy ends a move in base contact with multiple scheme or scrap markers, do all of them explode or just one?
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