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  1. So it only took me 7 months but I finally finished a character sheet for Roll20. It's public now and should be selectable for anyone hosting games. Let me know if you find any bugs. I am also welcome to any improvements you can think of.
  2. I'm working with Muse On Minis to hopefully produce a set for conditions, scoring and markers, and individual factions.
  3. I ran a modified version of an Enforcer Brawl utilizing the M2E Campain Upgrade deck at MuseCon this year. Players had an absolute blast, and after getting asked on A Wyrd Place, I wrote the rules in a Google Doc for people to use. Here it is
  4. You're right, there's not, but that's not what I'm getting at. Strictly at a surface level it feels 'unfair' that some masters get more toys to call their own than others. It's not an actual imbalance within the game (at least not that I've seen) but with the encouragement to stay in theme with this edition it feels like masters should have similar amount of options within their keyword. Yes, I'm arguing about feelings.
  5. While new models for Ironsides and Kaeris are tempting, I wonder how broken it would be to give a few existing models their keywords without necessarily also handing out the abilities that normally comes with. Ironsides could make good use of Willie, Johan, and the Medical Automaton. Kaeris is a bit harder but I know the current Ox Mages would be useful for her.
  6. 8 models compared to 14 feels like a really big difference.
  7. What: 12 round Shifting Loyalties Campaign When: First round starts Dec 12th. Each round will last 2 weeks and players are expected to get their game in within this time period. Where: Mayhem Comics and Games in Clive, IA (Des Moines). Cost: FREE! Contact me through here or find our group on Facebook under Iowa Malifaux. Late comers are welcome as the campaign allows people to jump in at any round!
  8. This event has been cancelled What: 4-round Enforcer Brawl with custom rules per round. When: August 26th Where: Mayhem Comics and Games, Des Moines, IA Cost: $10 entry fee. Every participant is guaranteed at least store credit.
  9. I'm really digging this night-mare box. Night-MARE box Get it?
  10. Please let their entire card be a reference to the musical. Please let them be dual faction Guild/Arcanists.
  11. Where: Holiday Inn Des Moines-Northwest (Urbandale, IA) When: May 5th, 12:00PM - 4:00PM What: Malifaux demos (both Henchman Hardcore and Enforcer Brawls) for a four hour block at the Demicon convention Cost?: $65 for the full con weekend (May 4th - May 6th) or $45 for just Saturday. Additional Info: https://demicon.org/demicon29/
  12. Where: Mayhem Comics and Games in Clive, IA When: March 17th, 10:00AM - 4:00PM What: Malifaux demos will be run all day as a part of a store event featuring demos for several miniatures games. Cost?: Its free!
  13. Wat: 50 Soulstone 3 Round Tournament using Gaining Grounds 2018. When: March 18th from 10:30-6:30 Where: Mayhem Comics and Games in Clive, IA (Des Moines) Cost: $10 to participate Prizes: Store credit and TBD.
  14. Ringer'ed three rounds today. Took this hot mess of a list Ironsides Arcane Reservoir (Switched to Warding Runes last round), Union President, Veteran Fighter 3x Oxfordian Mages (Usual Upgrades) Union Steamfitter Hannah (Warding Runes) Anna Lovelace (Warding Runes) This worked strangely well. Seeing 9 cards at the start of each turn was real nice. Hannah and Anna had some great staying-power, with Anna providing a good cast for Hannah to copy. Hannah wrecked a lot of face with those blasts and the abundance of cards meant I usually had something to cheat to keep both of them going. The crew managed to pull off some great feats, like Toni beating Ashes and Dust and the subsequent core in one activation. I didn't focus on scoring, so I technically lost twice and the third round ended too early to really decide. Obviously losing ANY models was a big setback. Mages are still made of wet paper, and the Steamfitter goes down just as easily. Still, Never once lost Toni or either of the sisters.
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