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Covering the Basses

Yore Huckleberry

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So, most of Basse’s crew gets “Favorable Terrain: This model is unaffected by Severe Terrain. While this model is in Severe Terrain or within 1” of Impassable Terrain, it has cover.”

A lot of models also have the “Kick Up Dust: Drop a 50 mm Concealing, Severe Dust Cloud Marker anywhere within range.”

So, if you drop a marker, you get both cover (+1 DF and -flip to attacker damage) and concealment (attacker takes a -flip to the duel) against ranged attacks.

Does this all mean that if you kick up dust around yourself then ranged attacks suffer:

1) your +1 defense

2) the negative flip to the whole duel

3) a negative flip to damage


i guess my question boils down to: does the attacker get a double negative flip on damage (eg, does the concealment negative go the whole way through, the way a focus positive does), or is it just a negative damage flip from cover, plus the potential value of the fact that the duel was on a negative from concealment and your defense was improved by cover.

Either way, I’m excited to run Basse against Perdita or Seamus.

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Oh, and let’s not forget Severe, which halves the movement of non-place effects, so you can blunt that charge, too, together with stagger synergy from traps. These defenses are a bit stranger than just “hard to wound” or whatever, and they require some pacing, but it’s actually quite a suite if you get them all up, and Jonathan and Basse can heal each other (along with that Steward you’re bringing, right?).

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1 hour ago, 4thstringer said:

I'd love the dust clouds as a defense if they didn't go away at end of turn.  Since they do, if you are relying on them for more than one model, expect to lose the second one at the start of the next turn.

It feels like a pacing issue. If one of your models is Basse himself, you can start the new turn protecting the other one, let Basse take a hit (stone if you need to) and then heal him up with Reichart’s stoic nod or the Steward’s Foul Mouthed Motivation before reapplying his cloud. Basse feels like he comes in with the dust storm and then kicks in the door forcing a scrum. Maybe even run a domador ook and use it to give a Pale Rider extra shots too

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