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Found 3 results

  1. So, most of Basse’s crew gets “Favorable Terrain: This model is unaffected by Severe Terrain. While this model is in Severe Terrain or within 1” of Impassable Terrain, it has cover.” A lot of models also have the “Kick Up Dust: Drop a 50 mm Concealing, Severe Dust Cloud Marker anywhere within range.” So, if you drop a marker, you get both cover (+1 DF and -flip to attacker damage) and concealment (attacker takes a -flip to the duel) against ranged attacks. Does this all mean that if you kick up dust around yourself then ranged attacks suffer: 1) your +1 defense 2) the
  2. Good morning guys, A question came up right before a game where I was playing Conelius Basse and thr Frontiers crew. Does the +1 in the Home on the Range ability stack? If I have 6 models with this rule, do they all have +6" while deploying? As I read it I would say that's how it works, just like the stacking conditions. Because the other option is that everyone only gets +1". Thank you very much!
  3. I plan to get my hands on the Cornelius Basse box very soon (I already have a Guild Austringer, so I better use that guy out finally) and I was wondering if recruiting a Perdita in the Basse's crew might be worthy. As many of you already know, I find the new Family keyword very VERY disappointing...still, Family has been my first crew ever and I don't want to set it aside in a drawer, waiting for buffs. So I thought that maybe (MAYBE) I could at least use her as 2nd master. Do you think it might work? Anyone tried that?
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