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Starting Titania


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Hey guys

Just picked up the new Titania box

Wondering what I should pick up to round her to 50ss

Currently in my area and online the only fae model available are the waldgeist and mysterious emmisary boxes, what should I pick up in the meantime that would benefit her cree

Thanks for the help!

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Her keyword stuff is the Waldgeist who are a little bit tanky and help out down more underbrush markers, then Rougarou who are strong and Bultungin who are good scheme runners. 

Killjoy I've read mixed things about, I rate him personally, unless your playing against someone who hands out stun reliably. 

To be honest, I really like her box, the knights arent the fastest but I tend to take 2 as I like they're resilience and punch, and aeslin is useful now. 

Rider and doppleganger are great versatile models that give you some really good options too. 

Just my opinion, but she's got a good, useful little pool of models and a gun crew to play

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Titania core box is very solid, with very little more you can play. All her models are good and for OOK the emissary and the rider works wonder with her... any of them would work to be honest.

A good first box for that crew would be (imo) "the howling" https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3eproductsneverborn. It gives you 2 top notch offensive minions and 3 good scheme runners/condition removal.

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I often suggest to new players they start with playing games smaller than 50 soulstones. A 50SS game for a new player could take 4+ hours.

If you start with just the core box, you can get the hang of the game. Plus, then you have a good feel for the crew and plan your next purchase!

How many games have you played so far?

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