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  1. This is kinda Bayou as well though... But yeah... nvb does have a certain Halloween vibe already.
  2. I'd get the Rougarou and Killjoy as well to complete the keyword, and Hooded Rider also does well with the Fae.
  3. I've tried a couple of games, and I liked the game even more than I thought I would. Seems to me the circumstances around the release came off to a bad start, so I hope Wyrd is planning to put some serious effort into marketing the game with the upcoming starts sets. Now I'm just hoping the neverborn will find a way across the breach 😈
  4. Fly with me cannot move models that are engaged, but the other methods mentioned works.
  5. Both yes and no. Depends on the type of hazardous to begin with. If the terrain was Hazardous (damage 1) you don't get hazardous (damage 2), but you would get the added hazardous (poison +1). A scheme marker is not terrain so you're right that trail of slime has no effect. Edit: this is covered in the 2021 FAQ now
  6. I think I'd name that crew "Stop. In the name of Woe!" Interesting crew though... But why the Cyclops?
  7. I guess Versatile is a given, as it's a starterbox. If I could be wishlisting, I'd like something with a similar role as Midnight stalker. Some long range guns would also be nice, but probably not very nevcerborn-y.
  8. Just a small warning regarding Lone marshall. Both Candy and Pandora can pick trampling hooves with self loathing and teleport into base contact with you. So be very careful of where you place it.
  9. If you go for a crew focused on staggered, (Vasilisa, puppets, Alan Reid and Investigators) they can be quite good, but the 0" melee makes me sad...
  10. Just a note on attacking your own mature. Due to the wording on combat finesse, you can't cheat this action, even if it's your own model, so it's a bit of a gamble getting the mask trigger. (If you do BBS2 before Vasilisa you don't have this problem)
  11. For Guild I think Wyrd should expand the Asylum keyword. They sure need some "love", poor souls... Maybe keep the good doctor as a henchman, but have the Asylum director (or whatever you call the head honcho of that institute) as a master? For totem I think some kind of powerful experimental "patient" would be quite fitting.
  12. I guess Nekima is slightly under top tier, but i love her playstyle, so I tend to play her when the pool favours speed and mobility. The Fae are a bit on the slow side, so bringing a few nephilim with Titania might also catch your opponent off guard.
  13. I think it's also worth mentioning that Titania has a few synergies with the nephilim as well. The most obvious is that she has flight and can keep up with them and play really aggressively. The second is the combination of Cruel dissapointment with black blood and regeneration. Without the risk of taking severe damage, the potential of spilling black blood and regaining health from regen is higher.
  14. Excellent point. Stealth on the changeling does give it some protection, but it doesn't really have much other actions or abilities that makes it good at scheming. Personally I'd take a wicked doll instead if I needed stealth.
  15. If you want scheme runners with Lucius, False Witnesses are far superior to changelings
  16. Oddly enough that's exactly what happened my last game against them with Pandora. I forgot about caught in the ring, and with Vernon & Welles nearby, that made me quite sad when most of my attacks were on
  17. I agree you should get the Emissary, and even though bultungin are pretty shelf fillers, you get Rougarou in the same box, so it's worth getting. And if you can get your hands on it, I haven't yet, the Malisaurus Rex is also a very good model with Titania. Edit: I don't really see the value of bringing changeligs OOK. If you stick with Titania's core box, emissary, rougarou, Killjoy and Malisaurus you should have plenty of options to make a decent crew. You might also want to take a look at the versatiles (no tax) Serena Bowman and the Hooded Rider as they work well with Titania. I don't always take Aeslin either, but that's just because she doesn't always fit in with my plans.
  18. I think you're completly right here. I think a lot of the theaoryfaux going on spends way too much time discussing killing, when we should discuss scoring. The fact that Aeslin can use a SS for draw out secrets to place a potentially scoring maker is often overlooked, and something Neverborn has very few other options for doing reliably.
  19. I played a similar list in a tournament last year which was this: Lucius Scribe Agent 46 Doppleganger Angeleyes Changeling Black Blood Shaman Guild Lawyer 7SS cache The shaman was crucial to handing out focus the first 2 turns, and later on changing into a Mature Nephilim. So when the opponent come closing in Agent 46 and Doppleganger turn into melee beaters by mimicing the mature insted of Angeleyes. The game was against a rather inexperienced Mah player, so it was a rather one way game where he didn't really have a good way to answer both the ranged and melee threat within his crew selection.
  20. If you add Doppelganger to that list you're actually getting close to a decent gunline in Neverborn.
  21. Just a small note on Hayreddin. You don't take him for growing models, you take him for his effective min 5 damage with necrotic decay trigger.
  22. I admit I've had games where Hayreddin hasn't really contributed much, but he's such a toolbox model that I need a pretty good reason not to take him.
  23. I tried something similar recently, except trading 1 lawyer and both AP upgrades for a changelig and doppleganger leaving me with 6SS cache. Despite my opponent brining Anna Lovelace, it worked pretty well. The matures are just incredible with IR in this crew.
  24. Then you should try to fit Alan Reid in the list as well. He's actually quite good.
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