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Euripides Lore


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Other than what's available on the website (and I suspect the soon-to-be-released Neverborn Book), is there any lore or foreshadowing of Euripides out there?

It'd be chilling (haha) to see a mention of Rasputina sensing a strange, ancient being - outside of December's influence - awakening in the ice. Or, perhaps, an off-handed mention by Titania about potential reinforcements slumbering in the mountains. Anything, really!


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31 minutes ago, Thedeadclaw said:

It's possible Euripides, and not a Tyrant, was the powerful being Ramos sensed in the ice? But it's been a LONG time since I read that story and may be misremembering.

No, that was Witness. He was trying to get to a massive soulstone geode, and Witness is trapped in a massive soulstone geode surrounded by ice.

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