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  1. I get a bit of Link cosplay from these, which is kinda cool. I really like the pop of light purple, awesome color. I think if you add OSL from the flames to yellow it up a bit you'll have it. You could also dry brush the cloaks with some other color to give them a tinge away from that deep green if you desire.
  2. @Caedrus I've got a wendigo and one acolyte left from the raspy box, but they both got a bit chewed by a puppy so haven't gotten much love yet. Need to green stuff some areas pretty heavily. Might paint up a couple of gatreaux bokors instead for zoraida. So I'm in for 14ss this month! @Antinea those firebranded look pretty awesome in white primer even. Such cool models!
  3. Here is my acolyte for January. I'm noticing a small paint blob I need to brush over, but he's done. @Caedrus 7ss for January. Raspy and the other acolyte flanking, now that I can reveal her from December and the contest.
  4. 100% to this. Thank you Wyrd staff for coming up with fun holiday tasks. I really enjoyed taking part in each of these and am happy to be in such esteemed company with @helldrad and @Caedrus and @Arclight for the painting competition (And your awesome Waldo), wow! Also shout out to @mursu9 for gingerbread that looks better than my terrain and @Garthuk for a tasty house filled with treats! I hope you got to nibble into that after the picture! I ate mine except for the piano. Too many noodle keys.
  5. Could you explain this synergy in more detail? I've never thought about a prospector for anything more than collecting soulstones.
  6. @Kimberly So when does this contest end get announced and what were Wyrd's favorites?
  7. Emissary can give regen +1 to Zipp, which will make him even less attractive as a target since he'll be able to run off and heal a bit if need be. The heal and mv aura is a nice bump, but he'll quickly need to walk that donkey up the field to keep up with the rest. Don't mind me, is always good to put on a quick model and Companion can be devastating at the right time to remove a pesky model or throwing down a ton of pianos in a row.
  8. 1 - K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid.) Continuing off Adran's point, the best advice, and I'm still trying to take into consideration, is to know what each model is usually going to do in a turn. Generally, my minions and enforcers have one main purpose 80% of the time. Remembering the cost and reason for doing the thing, and when I want to be doing the thing can save a lot of time looking at cards or thinking of cute moves. KISS and move on.
  9. @Math Mathonwy Don't forget Shen long! He's as sneaky as a monster truck without a muffler.
  10. Hopefully all of our submissions cheered him up a bit!
  11. I think for my sanity I'll drop down to Enforcer tier this year around. I plan on painting another december acolyte for 7ss.
  12. Well, it's been a busy year. Lots of fun, lots of stress. I've not got my master's degree just yet but hours from turning in the thesis and moving into the new year with a lot of stress off my back. I think seeing the light at the end of the tunnel put me in a better painting spirit that I hope to retain going forward. I can't showcase my other miniature I did for this month just yet but I ended up with 22ss worth painted. @Caedrus Here is my December Acolyte in northern lights theme. I was super fortunate to receive these and I must say they have been a blast to paint. The details of these M3E sculpts are amazing! I've had a few set backs with the set due to a certain puppy being more eager to start playing with them than I was, but with patience I have built them all pretty well. This guy was least nibbled.
  13. What Solkan said. It just seems like it. It would be nicer for the bayou player if they got to smash things without a price, but RAW you can remove markers but at a price. Hazardous is going to hurt, Destructable + impassable is going to hurt (suffer 2 damage for impassable -1 for armor per impassable) So after a particularly successful 12" push, you could have a dead LE.
  14. Perhaps its a problem with clarification of what "unsupported" means. In this case, unsupported refers to when a model would physically topple and not rest on an area without assistance. It does NOT refer to parts of a model or base that hang over the edge of an object with height, UNLESS as referenced earlier, that they cannot stand without assistance.
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