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  1. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Your Gibbering Paint Scheme thoughts

    I think I'd enjoy the airbrush too, but start up and buying more things has kept it from being on my list of things to do.
  2. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Your Gibbering Paint Scheme thoughts

    Just be careful to choose proper paints. There are many spraypaint cans that seem like they'll be great, but are terrible for miniatures. Either take some time to learn the differences or only buy from mini stores.
  3. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Communication & Wyrd

    It really is up for Wyrd to decide what they are looking for and to that, it is anyone's guess. I don't even think those in Beta really get a say in how valuable their input is. My assumption with all beta testing for anything is that numbers are a good thing since even if you only play one or two games it adds to the total volume of information. Plus, even if you don't get to playtest very much, you can still theorycraft and look at how interactions may work or break in the game and that can be helpful. But ultimately, its the fine people at wyrd who get to sift through all our musings and determine what is important.
  4. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Communication & Wyrd

    Why not join beta to inform yourself on possible future of the game to keep inform choices as new players? As far as I've seen, there is no rule against someone who hasn't played m2e to not participate in beta for m3e. In fact, an unbiased eye could be exactly what they would like. Claiming disadvantage because you don't use an opportunity is silly.
  5. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Has anyone proxied with the actual rule set? The wait is killer but at least we have all the material.
  6. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Additionally, I think them sending out to distributors for international orders first will actually mean that US and International orders should arrive on a similar time frame, and that seems pretty intentional.
  7. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Best spam lists?

    Outcasts could spam desperate mercs, but I don't think that is a very good option.
  8. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Any update on TOS goodies?

    Same to Finland, but it's not just wyrd. Being at the world's edge is great until you want things from somewhere else.
  9. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Third Edition is Coming!!

  10. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    More keyword models means new models or old models gaining similar keywords. I'm looking forward to more Sky Pirates! Or perhaps changing Sky Pirate to Bandit and having more crossover on that branch now that Zipp is in OC too.
  11. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I'm just impressed at Wyrd for tackling a M3E and TOS at the same time. What a handful! Best of luck and may your coffee pot never run dry!
  12. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Cards added to Wyrd App?

    Ok, didn't know it was getting an app too! Thanks for info!
  13. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Cards added to Wyrd App?

    Just excited and I'm glad to see the cards in pdf on here, but was curious if they'd maybe make their way over to the app at some point. Thanks!
  14. Sol_Sorrowsong

    Parker playable?

    Stalker has generally got me 3vp every game and usually a kill or two. If he had bonnet trinket I don't think anything but luck and focused effort could bring him down and stop him. And that would allow the rest of the crew an easier time.
  15. Sol_Sorrowsong

    New Malifaux player interested in Parker

    Welcome again, Back to your question of Parker vs Viks, I'd say that viks are not a must before Parker. In fact, they have such a different playstyle that of argue they would move you away from Parker.(grain of salt:I don't own the viks just have read about them a lot. Parker is a really fun master imo and I love his style and aesthetic. I will say that my success with him has increased significantly with getting the hodgepodge emissary and I do feel it is a bit too necessary in his crew. (At least it's good for VS too). Anyways, I'd argue the vik box brings little that Parker wants so is in no way necessary to get before going for him if you want to play him still.