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  1. google m3e crew builder and try from there? Pen and paper and the PDFs from wyrd's resources page to make your own crew.
  2. I agree fully on these parts. If you can store/transport a fixed board then most of your trouble is out of the way. The second issue is easier to deal with if you make sure you build the board from all angles. Even with modular pieces, I've had issues with some boards because they were set up from a standard deployment perspective related to the way the board was placed on the table. That can be fine for a quick match, but it is always more enjoyable when the layout is a bit challenging here and there and not tailored for certain access routes. If one area of the board has great territory advantage if held, see that access isn't only from two starting deployments or that it also has a disadvantage (a large amplitheater with 3 points of egress may be great for a tanky brawler crew to take the territory and lure enemies in, but if there is a 2-story building or overhead walkway that allows concealed shooting, they might become fish in a barrel). Additionally, I've found that nice scenario pieces are really fun to play, but can lend towards certain crews having advantages that can't be altered in the table pieces now. For a friendly, I want to build/play on a table where both crews can benefit from the terrain. I don't want it barren and empty for gunlines to mow people down, but I don't want a packed warehouse of boxes either where every move is divided into bits to get around obstacles. My last piece of advice is that while building, use your models of different base sizes to move around the board. That will help you keep scale, and get a feel for how it might play as you build it. Other than that, make sure to have fun with it. It will be cool to play and even if it gets old after a while, you can bring it out on occasion between more modular games and it will breathe new life into the musty crypts.
  3. Sorry for not getting back to you until now. I just had another game with the starter boxes again so I can talk a bit about how things have progressed and keep progressing. Between GH and KE it is very much a battle for KE to keep distance and tackle the objective. I played GH each time we've played and next time we are swapping factions to get a view from the other side (heh, just noticed) the next time around. This last game we had three large terrain features around the center of the map. Game mode was the one where we place Objective Markers (score 1 vp per OM) for 2 tactics tokens on upkeep and can remove an OM within 3" outside of engagement for 1 tactics token (1vp per removal). We had standard deployment. Two were elevated (Hills with small building on top) so were LOS blocking a bit on top, and completely for non-titans from across the hill. The third large piece was actually two LOS blocking rock formations with a small gap not big enough for a fireteam to pass through, but allowed some vision at a specific angle (not towards middle of map). Additional terrain included a pond, ruined building, and two forests. All were difficult, conceiling, with ruins and forest to be blocking also. Finally, with the stormsiren I had 3 tide pools placed roughly along the midline. As GH I knew I needed to rush forward and with skulkers to hug terrain (to get that bonus card flip in opposed duels from active camo (maybe too strong, I forgot it worked in offensive duels too!) With instantly glorying, I got into engagement turn 1 (Banner teleporting + Rush), but then got that fireteam shot off the table. Stormsiren gloried and pulled riflemen into a tidepool and they for some reason didn't run away (liked their reinforcement tokens more?) the whole game. When I finally got endless numbers, I used the conch shell to spawn near and rush back into the frey so tying them down, or removing his OMs as I needed. This told me that we need more linear terrain, maybe fence or barbed wire. Difficult, but without other benefits. Something that GH can't ignore. After my first turn, I only had a fireteam left for each skulker squad and 2 left on the krakinoi, but reinforcing with Healing magic asset on stormsiren is really easy. This was only a 25scrip game, but I felt because I could reinforce and get in his face without difficulty, he had a lot of trouble turn 3-5. GH has a lot of maneuverability and of course, the attrition game will heavily help them. I think I was playing a bit higher level than my opponent in the objectives game, but if I wasn't able to move around so easy it would have helped KE more. Not necessarily more big terrain pieces, but some more neutral challenges that KE could exploit. Instead, only I was able to make use of the terrain for benefits. Blocking LOS from stormsiren to other fireteams would have been a big challenge for me to deal with also. but she was only challenged once by Charles and her AR 9 and tactics tokens (to use via Conch shell asset) kept him from trying again.
  4. I'd say all in one order, but you could possibly get your very friendly LGS to make you an itemized receipt of your monthly purchases if you have bought things at various times, thus turning several receipts into 1 receipt. But they'd need to be extra nice cause that is kind of a pain to do.
  5. Last list I ran was against a Tara crew in corners plant explosives. (power ritual was in schemes) Included: Karina Aionus Talos Void wretch x3 Effigy I played Parker +3ss Doc Mad dog Sue Wokou Prospector Bandido x2 Effigy +2ss upgrade It was a tough game but I was able to get some nice shots off here and there. Early loss of an overextended bandido was tough. Was given fast, buried, and then eaten by a wretch with + flips. I was able to turn the tide because he had hid Aionus and Talos behind a large tower near the midline corner but then ran two wretches over also and one was sticking out. I luckily had Mad Dog near with a scheme marker nearby so ran and gunned with a negative but got a lucky hit and blasted onto aionus and the other wretch. Then I blew the tower to hell and took two more shots into the wretch that was just within my 8" range and cheated for double blast to do withering damage to Aionus and killed the two wretches with the last shot/blast. From then, Aionus was hiding and being healed by the effigy while I controlled the corner and when he finally came out, I again rained down fire with the chesterfield onto the poor puppet and blasted all over the old man on his clock, killing him off. Double blasts are no joke. Game went 6-3 in my favor as he got some early strategy points on me before the killing and a cheeky take prisoner at the end because I forgot about it and decided to attack his nothing beast at the end for fun with my Wokou.
  6. Ahh, ok. Yes, I originally took "ruin" to mean "block". Thanks for the clarification and I'm glad I didn't miss a rule.
  7. Did concealing incorporate "dense" terrain from m2e? I feel like I've been playing with these markers wrong now and letting myself be attacked through them. Waldgeists feel niche now. If the board is good for it, that initial bonus underbrush marker can be really useful.
  8. No, I don't think there has been any specific mention yet. I'm sure in the book (as you said) we'll get lots more info. All in all, it has been very quiet about the giants since beta.
  9. For me the main difference between my Zoraida crew if I'm playing Neverborn over Bayou is the upgrades. I almost completely stay in keyword and so use versatile or master models infrequently. So take a good look at what the upgrades offer when deciding which way to lean. A couple of points on some models talked about: Waldgeists are great on maps with large forests due to the unique range they have during their attacks. However, like others have said, they are slow to get into the fray otherwise. I like them for putting the undergrowth marker to make a chokepoint, and as an anti-scheme runner on certain match-ups. Gators are more useful now than in m2e, imo. They are a brutal 5ss model that may only be stat 5, but can do some serious damage if they hit. Most importantly their abilities all synergize nicely, they have unimpeded, ruthless and stealth allowing them to get close and get a good charge in without being shot at. Once engaging, they have flurry for an extra bite and penetrating stench, which can brutalize certain models that rely on triggers or bonus actions if they don't pitch a card. Personally, I like to run them when playing in a Bayou crew with "Two gremlins in a ghillie suit" (formerly trench coat) both because it is hilarious and makes them even more threatening. Sz 3, Stat 6 2/3/3 gun instead of using ambush, and the main bonus Disguised. These guys at 7ss are getting spendy, but always get the first big hit (or 4!). I'm not saying they are always the best option, but I've enjoyed having one or two in my games.
  10. Goal to finish the rest of my striped skulkers, which I think is 42 ss
  11. Only going with these three for now. 21ss worth. Rest are on their way but not done yet. Base is almost there, they aren't glued yet. I tried a few ideas on schemes, and then just liked how they were all turning out a bit different, so thought hey, I'll just roll with that then. The horde to go
  12. The wait for the giants continues.... Will they get a bumped up release schedule with Raspy or are they banished?
  13. Is contrast medium something special, or does a laminar medium or retarding medium work just as well?
  14. Parker's only defenses are stat 6 and 14hp. Its +1df and +2hp from Tara, but has no ability to ignore bullets or heal back from killed (if near a model, like Karina).
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