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  1. I expect the Damned will be a good disruption piece, charging into the middle of a group so other heals can ping damage and the following turn it can leap away if needed to avoid retribution. That and shove aside on attacks can really mess with enemy positioning without giving up much of your own.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion and praise. I really like the pink in your bases and the sword on Silent Knight, very cool!
  3. May Painting Ashes and Dust trio and two more Lyssa proxies. I also painted proxy ice and fire golems, but they aren't Wyrd models so I'm just adding them to show off, because I think they came out really well. Quite an elemental kick for me recently. 9+6+2+4+4 = 25ss
  4. It is a mat, I think https://matsbymars.com/collections/malifaux-mats/products/mats-by-mars-swamplands-tabletop-wargaming-play-mat.
  5. Like when Molly and Kirai form an unbreakable bond of friendship and loyalty when they visit the Greylord?
  6. I've been away from painting here for a bit but here are two bokor and a proxy lyssa from one of Wrath's wraiths. http://imgur.com/a/iiWEGDt
  7. They kept that under the hat for a long time!
  8. I think it does reduce their effect but I found Euripides crew has a pretty good reach even though they are base 5 with only a few movement tricks. They all hit pretty hard so a lone scheme runner is likely to take a boulder or ice pillar to the face, even if the model can't get close to it. Most can't fail more than 2 Mv duels without being on the brink of death.
  9. Going back to @Takoa's question, I look to bring a couple of models in Euripides crew that I don't need to get cute with. Even if its a Gigant, which can do great tricks, I might have one on the side that is going to just flank a bit and lob rocks into the middle as needed. Having some easy options in the crew that are just going to move x2 or move and concentrate on turn 1 will get rid of a lot of headache trying to overproduce on the first turn. Euripides is often my first real model to go T1. Generally, we don't see T1 alpha strikes and there should be enough terrain around that my models aren't getting wrecked from across the board already. Even more important if they are in danger, since then I want some LOS blocking pillars up. Going with Euripides early T1 isn't bad because it gives me intuition to get a feel for what I will draw and how much of The Old Ways I'll need to push things through. Since Euripides doesn't benefit from Frozen Vigor himself, I'll put up forward ice pillars that will be blocking T2 or later T1 for my opponent or will be in range of my models that move or move x2 so they will get the heal/shielded. I generally create 4 pillars with him T1 using old ways, and then walk up the board a bit for T2. If I need to bait out a couple more significant models to get an idea where my opponent wants to go then I'll use that gigant or other schemer or the Primordial Magic to give incorporeal and then move off to where I'll want incorporeal next turn before I unleash the pillars. (I want to point out here that PM actually has great actions, even if overlooked often. While I usually hide it dashing 10" between models to give incorporeal, using the tactical action twice after Euripides or Cyclops' have placed pillars next to several models gives 2 dmg to everyone so if Euripides hasn't dealt enough dmg from MV duels, then this will be a good extra ping! The second sneaky move is charging a friendly that has shielded if you have a low tome for a free card. Not often, but I'll take 1 wound for a card most of the time.) I have come around to Lyssa as a great runner over the Bultungin. They are super squishy but when used in terrain to hide and gain concealment they wreak havoc with their lure and stagger.
  10. So adorable! I'm looking forward to working on this! Will edit with finished work. Edit: Added Picture. This would have been much easier if I could find a printer, but here is my digital attempt!
  11. If I recall correctly, there was a portion of TFW podcast with Wyrd devs where they talk about this scheme removal of All tokens from an individual model. Not that it was necessary to remove all tokens from all models. Logically, it is a difficult strat to score full points on anyways, because most people have one or two designated killers so some points are lost here and there regardless. I think if you started from 0 after scoring, it would be very difficult to get more than a couple points and furthermore, there are simpler ways of writing those rules.
  12. Serena and Candy I think you meant, but good catch! I guess it doesn't double up as well with Assassinate as I thought it did, but still a more difficult scheme than expected.
  13. I played a game of Symbols with assasinate (both), claim jump, runic binding, leave your mark (pandora), and Let them bleed (Parker). It was Parker vs Pandora ending 7-5 for Parker. Parker (4 strat, 2 assassinate, 1 bleed) to Pandora (2 strat, 2 assassinate, 1 leave mark). The strategy was pretty straight forward with Midnight stalker getting free reign of the backfield after escaping Teddy. Pandora got an easy point on Leave your Mark from being shot by Parker in the center but Parker's crew kept spread to the flanks, shooting in so Pandora's crew spent more time chasing and killing than staying in the center to scheme for the second point. The Let them Bleed scheme is actually more difficult to score the first point than expected. By the time Parker got the second highest health model down to half (Serena Bowman), Pandora had been killed, so now it moved to Serena and Candy (who was untouched). In the end, Parker only got the end game point for hitting everyone but Candy. I like the new schemes, but this one is definitely trickier than imagined so take heed when it is in the pool. Especially against healer teams.
  14. I think Aesthetic is the biggest starting point. Get some cool models, paint them up, and find a game. A little searching can give you a basic overview of each crew's modus operandi, which is important more if there is some playstyle that you dislike more than enjoy so you know what to avoid. Finally, as any hobbiest knows, once you get one, you'll find another you like, and in this game it is generally a good idea to start within the same faction. Models between keywords do get used by others sometimes or you can even take both masters in a list. Some synergize better than others, but since your top picks so far seemed to include 2 neverborn models, I'd choose one of them to start with.
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