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  1. So turn 1 all elementals move a grand total of 4", heal for nothing, and have shielded (which goes away), place two hazardous terrain markers within 1" (which is hindering to most) and draw several cards, which cycle the hand due to max hand size. You end up with lots of focus for turn 2, and maybe a decent hand but you've lost all board advantage for positioning. Plus if the opposing player can do any alpha strikes, they are just hitting you in the face for free. Not to mention if they then win initiative turn 2 because Sandeep summoned some gamin to give them pass tokens to use. I'd say its fine as is. Kandara is the only model that really has a good mantra and she's not even in the box set.
  2. With the way that arcane conduit is written right now on Oxfordian Mages "Until the End Phase, after a friendly model Activates within range, that model may end a Condition affecting it. If the friendly model has an Attached Summon Upgrade, this model and the friendly model both suffer 1 irreducible damage." It seems like summoned gamin (and the mage) will get hit even if they don't choose to end a condition. Do you think this is intended? I can understand if the model chooses to remove Slow for example, but although probably minor I can see this being annoying in certain situations where you really want to remove a condition from a model, but you have several unactivated gamin nearby and you don't want to kill off your Oxfordian mage. On SVGs, I think the Chakram needs another look also. I agree the wildshot is pretty rubbish (Although if you're all alone can you use it without the friendly fire?) For me, I'd like it to be similar to M2E in that it isn't a projectile () attack. I enjoyed tying up the enemy with one SVG and being able to ping into the fray with another until he was in charge range. Now it is practically useless if anyone is engaging your target. The new richochet trigger is nice though for the M3E rules though. Not cheatable, but can get some lucky damage in. On wind gamin, I can't say too much about them. I agree it would be nice to have potential for a double summon but they seem pretty good at the moment. For quality of life, I would like to see the ranged attack push be changed to "Target is pushed up to 3" away..." just so if we want to shoot twice without pushing them out of range we can. Final note on gamin. I wish the metal gamin had a bit more synergy with their brethren. So much is tied to construct but the rest of the gamin are only elemental. If the Metal gamin could target construct or elemental (gamin) it would be nicer for diversity. Right now, they are good as a group or if you hire other constructs, but not generally inside the keywords crew.
  3. Maybe it is just me, but an extra 1" on an aura essentially (important: It is NOT an aura) can be huge and the way most of my games have been (this is in general and not Parker exclusive) is that most models I'm attacking are within 4" of another model, especially by turn 3. So another model places or is forced to place a marker, it gives me 2 or 3 models if I'm lucky who are within 2" of the marker. There is nothing saying they need to see the marker or that parker needs to see the marker. Only that it is within 3" of the target. I also have had different luck with getting some Tomes I guess than others. Usually, with having 7 cards, thanks to Doc, I can force a marker in when I need it and if I don't need to cash out for cards or stones, it sits there. I also will only take the Fast on someone if I think it will be really useful, or there are plenty of markers. I usually leave a few down to either annoy the enemy for marker placement on schemes and get better shots off Parker, or to future proof for a Fast round that would be more productive.
  4. I'm ok with these changes. Mad Dog change makes sense. Parker improvement is nice and will add quite a bit I think. Wokou raider got its damage back, which is nice so I shouldn't complain, but was IMO the most boring of the fixes to it. Still, nice though. Dead Outlaw 7hp is pretty nice on a healing 6ss model. It adds a smidge more to surviving, and if it means being annoying for an extra round, I'm for it. 2HP more than bandidos I think will give it a place at 6ss. These all sound nice, but I think any built in scheme marker dropping would be really strong in the end. Especially on a bandido, since they would most likely be getting the free once per turn (1PT) attack automatically on a hit. A Fast bandido could concentrate x2 and charge/shoot an enemy with positives and get the drop it trigger within 8" to shoot again with positives likely doing 6-8 dmg. I think keeping the tome just as a trigger is the way to go.
  5. I'm going to preface these suggestions saying that we all need to do more play-testing on what seem like low-value models. That said, I have some ideas... For me, the big three of importance are Bandidos, Outlaws, and Wokou raiders. I think Wokou got hit too hard and need one of the four changes. - Balanced sword regains crit. strike trigger - Balanced sword gains reposition trigger - Bulletproof +2 or - Quick getaway df trigger My reason is these are 8ss and supposed to be fast moving, dodging ninja bandits who are good with swords. I like any idea that gives them more mobility because it seems very thematic, but it shouldn't be just a flat MV increase because it should come as a reaction/action to something I think (and keeps them from being op schemers). Crit strike, would make them a scarier beater. Reposition, allows them to get in and out of melee or maneuver about in the fight (although I understand that with their built in for charge and easy Fast, this might be broken). Bulletproof +2 is the lightest change, but I think should be looked at as more of an option. Being able to close the gap without much risk from being shot would help a ton for these. Df trigger falls in line with my idea of agile ninja bandits so again makes sense to me that they are moving about a lot. Bandidos seem alright. I with they had 1" but 0" in the new 1" on melee so I guess I'll live. No gunslinger, but everything else is pretty great. Dead outlaws seem like they have become the support piece now by giving Fast when there aren't any scheme markers around friends. I really don't think they're in too bad a spot, they just have a different role. That said, they can't get Fast from an ability so will probably use the tactical on themselves more often. To me, as expensive undead they should be harder to take down and while they have 6hp, df 4 means they will get picked apart rather quick. H2W is great, but with more focus on focusing, people will be able to knock these guys out quick. I think they should gain bulletproof +1 also. Again, it isn't a big buff, but keeps them from getting sniped off the table a bit and thematically makes sense as they're more likely to be bullet sponges since most of them is useless rotting flesh at this point.
  6. Patch changed LOS for upgrade to be from Zoraida. That said, any idea why the cost of the doll increased? It isn't hireable, so it is only summoned. So why have a cost?
  7. This, I think people should continue playing them, and report on it. Then Wyrd can figure out a happy medium. I agree it seemed heavy handed, but without putting the models to the test, we can't really judge too much. I'm glad stat 6 got dropped down. Anything with that is a bit too good. Let's get them on the table so they will stay on the table later. If we shelf things now, they may stay that way.
  8. This is amazing! One thing I'd suggest adding to it is the current update version the cards are at. Already I'm using it as a quick way to view cards when reading the forums, which is fantastic, but I wonder with beta being beta how quickly they are updated. So by just putting the update Date on the top it would keep things clearer. Great work!
  9. Not off the top of my head with M3E, but the best models for the doll would be ones with an action that gives a condition without doing any damage. The doll is so fragile now and only does 1dmg that giving lots of conditions is better. Also, only being able to give +1 to the condition is very different, so stacking is more costly. Probably giving distraction, poison, burning, and slow are the best. Additionally, remember that the opponent (or yourself if you're not careful!) can put positive conditions on the doll, which also transfer.
  10. Remember that your opponent gains a pass token when you summon.
  11. For some reason FORM is white on white background so not visible to me. I don't know if its my settings or a mistake, but I thought it should be mentioned. Otherwise, props to making this!
  12. Just in time. Here are my SVG x2 to get the 16ss I said I'd do. I couldn't find my super glue to attach them to their bases, but I'm happy with the scheme if still wishing I had a more steady hand and better skill. Oh well, February here I come!
  13. Sol_Sorrowsong


    I feel like the main disagreement between @Radek and @Gesuma is really they are wanting and describing different attributes they like or would like. Ships in the dark in a way. If I understand, Gesuma is preferring to have a tough merc feel to the viks who can dish out some punishment and stand against the retaliation. Radek seems to enjoy the speedy merc who goes all-in for that sweet sweet paycheck, consequences be damned. Both are ok to wish for, but are rather different playstyles/stats for the group and as others have pointed out. Historically, the Viks mercenary crew has been more in line with Radek's style. If you are trying to play the viks and specifically Taelor (back on topic) as tanky brutes or taunting beatsticks like Barbaros was in M2E (funny he's now OC so maybe would join the party), it isn't going to go well. Viks hit hard, and show no mercy. Taelor's current stats and abilities push towards that style so she can get in and do work. But she will die in the fray if she can't finish the job and takes on more than she can handle. That just means not just charging squarely into things turn 2 if she's meant to stick around. I think it is good game design when players can make a choice for their characters. She can eliminate chaff easily, or she can earn her stones by making the opponent think and decide if they want to commit to multiple models or their big beater to walk and punch on poor Taelor, while the Vik twins are closeby behind the corner of a building or lurking at the edge of a forest.
  14. For clarity sake, Regret could be altered to state that it ends activation and any additional effects or triggers end without being resolved.
  15. I guess it starts to fall on what the board layout looks like before choosing to bring them or not. They can make some terrain, but it will only help extend range by a 50mm marker so not too impressive.
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