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  1. I agree with @Alcathous, he is niche, 20% take. You should already be putting focus onto Savage models anyway, it stacks incredibly efficiently with The Old Ways. Adding Intuition on top of that enables you better card manipulation in order to try to consistently hit that severe 6 damage. However, he competes in this role with Geryon who are cheaper and better beaters with min 3, the same Focus/Old Ways tricks, better triggers (Frozen Trophy aside), and extended reach. Mv 6 looks attractive, but realistically you have better scheme runners OOK, and you can always use the Gigant Post
  2. If you kill a target, does Pouncing Strike still trigger? Specifically, because it refers to "another model" and there is no original model to be referenced to.
  3. @Necrosage Welcome to Malifaux and Neverborn and Savages! A couple general things: if you ask us for model advice, we are more than happy to pile on with combos and ideas! This is good, but keep in mind you don't NEED to purchase everything we suggest right off the bat. For better or worse, this game does reward having a deep model collection, as you can better select the right model for the right job, but I'd always say play 6 games or so first, then figure out, "what would make my life easier and fit how I play". The other recommendation I'd make is to build a core list for a maste
  4. It's closer to niche control. Last Pine Box I did was to get Montressor and his aura off the table for example.
  5. If you cannot make the stream, will there be a way to view it later?
  6. I think what works against Lelu is that he has a specific role versus a Young which has a generalist role (and is thus a more attractive hire on the whole). For me, Lelu has been a source of indirect damage, crowd control, and summoning. Consider that Masochistic Thoughts and Blood for Blood have no targeting requirements, allowing you to sidestep undesirable defensive triggers, negatives to hit, Terrifying, etc. Additionally, he is an enabler to counter HtK models by giving your entire crew a bubble of Blood for Blood (via Masochistic Thoughts). That ability has been very useful for
  7. Actually dropped Marcus last night into Brewmaster and had a blast. I really do encourage Order Initiates with him with IR, that combo stacked very strongly, but they also take some of the pressure off him to have a perfect turn 1 with handing out upgrades and you get some card draw to boot. Also have loved the Adze with him, having a Lure to isolate enemy models is great. @Fixxer are you finding Myranda worth the cost?
  8. An upgrade on a pistolero seems risky?
  9. From memory, we were playing it as the Skeeter could not be engaged, but the target could. Reading the card though, you are correct, that little "unengaged" word slipped in there somehow... Dashel is amazing, other than the part that I cannot play him very well, lol!
  10. Flank - Public Enemies -Let Them Bleed -Take Prisoner -Leave Your Mark -Runic Binding -Spread Them Out Public Enemies is actually a new one for me, but it seems to be one of the simpler strategies. I opted for Lady Justice for it, also my first time playing her (but I painted all these models, and I’m gonna use them, virtually or not!). My opponent declared Bayou Zoraida, so I had to do a quick scramble and adjust by adding in a second master, Perdita! Obey this!!! Lady Justice -Scales of Justice Perdita Lone Marshal Pale Rider Domador de Cadaveres Let Them B
  11. Kept the same strategy, but tried to shuffle the schemes a bit. Wedge - Corrupted Leylines -Claim Jump -Runic Binding -Hidden Martyrs -Spread Them Out -Breakthrough Dashel Barker -The Dispatcher Queeg Steward Papa Loco Executioner -Lead Lined Coat Executioner -Lead Lined Coat Zipp ---12 Cups of Coffee -Earl Burns The First Mate Iron Skeeter Lucky Emissary ---12 Cups of Coffee Flying Piglet Johan Creedy I pulled Breakthrough and Hidden Martyrs on Steward and Loco. If my memory is correct, he had Martyrs on the Piglet and First Mate a
  12. With the virus striking, my gaming ability has declined, as has the chances to type up games. So here are some games anyway! I wanted to play Corrupted Leylines a bit more, as it feels like that is the strategy I may struggle the most with. I still wanted to play around with neo-Dashel, as I think that his crew is deceptively fast and you can generate more “interact AP” to toss the lodestone via summoning. Corner - Corrupted Leylines Take Prisoner Claim Jump Runic Binding Breakthrough Research Mission Gross scheme pool. Take Prisoner is rough with Zipp’s overall mobili
  13. Keep those Viks away from her!!! Poor Dashel...
  14. @Irritated Walrus Masochism.
  15. Some more test games, this time with Nellie!!! We shook up our normal game style with a different format: play “half games” to 1hr 30 mins or Turn 3-ish, then dojo the rest of the points and reset. The idea is that we can get “twice” the games in, but also learn and adjust crews and planning from Game #1 to Game #2. Flank - Symbols of Authority Spread Them Out Runic Binding Hidden Martyrs Claim Jump Leave Your Mark Nellie -The Printing Press Phiona Gage ---Lead Lined Coat Dr. Grimwell The Lone Marshal Papa Loco Field Reporter Going into Zipp, I plan
  16. After a month away, time for my first game of GG1, and I opted for some new and improved Dashel!!! Wedge - Corrupted Leylines Take Prisoner Assassinate Let Them Bleed Research Mission Spread Them Out Dashel Barker --The Dispatcher Executioner Greed Rifleman Rifleman Steward Mounted Guard Viktoria Chambers --Viktoria Chambers Taelor Bishop Vanessa Ronin Ronin Ronin Librarian Turn 1 Summary Some scooting around, a Rifleman grabs the right Leyline, a Ronin gets another one. The other Rifleman puts a focus severe shot into a Ron
  17. Use Frontier Dust markers for Research mission. Or Blow it to hell markers.
  18. Bold 2020 Prediction: Dashel #1
  19. Great job! It might help to explicitly state your list.
  20. Lol, stupid details, but right on all counts. #frantichandwaving I swear she still has a place! Side note: could she prevent a model from discarding a soulstone to avoid Execute?
  21. Greed is a model that I have given a lot of thought to, as she was one of the first Guild models I actually owned. I think she deserves a mini-tactica/blog entry, because she is interesting, niche, and potentially devastating. I think Greed goes well as a counter hire into two different archetypes: models with valuable upgrades and melee models that use soulstones for protection. In and of itself, Unchecked Avarice is somewhat mopey--you’ll do at least 1 damage, as an enemy model is always near itself, but unless they are bunching some Hamelin rats or Gremlin swarm, it’s not that im
  22. Does Unchecked Avarice work that way? Wouldn't enemy be your enemy? If you want something like this, have a False Witness drop 4 scheme markers and have Nellie blast a model or two. Or two Witnesses drop 8 markers.
  23. Sorry, didn't mean to scare folks off of Dashel. 😞 Just being upfront with my challenges with him. My hope is always two-fold for these write ups--help myself be better by finding my mistakes (plentiful!) and help everyone else be better than me, or at the minimum reduce the learning curve a small bit.
  24. Choices are Nellie, Lady J, or Lucius. I've only started collecting Hoffman and Basse, and usually it takes me a couple months to assemble and paint (stupid adulting).
  25. Summoning is hard, sadly. The keyword as a whole is really card intensive with few card draw options. Consider that you have to discard for the free focus, or for healing Executioners, or if you go the DMR route you discard again there too. Then you add in the scheme marker requirement (literally not a single opponent dropped one all day). So if I summon just a Guard Patrol off of my Dispatcher, that requires a 10 to start with, which is tough going. Getting the marker to flip requires a model to drop it, then a mask, and sometimes you just don't have the high card to summon or the mask to fli
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