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Target Practice-M3E tournament 14/07/19 Wayland Games Hockley


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Hey guys I'm organising a tournament at Wayland Games, Hockley on 14/07/19, using m3e rules, strats and schemes. 

This will be a 50ss fixed faction event. Dead man's hand, and models without official stat cards will not be allowed, This event will be tracked on bag o' tools and put forward for rankings. There is currently a limit of 16 participants but there is the potential to increase this.

Venue: Wayland games, 17-19 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4AD

Entry: Tickets cost £10 each and can be paid on the day or sent via PayPal friends and family to reicevapes@gmail.com 

Schedule for the day:

10.00-10.30 Registration

10.30-12.30 Round 1



Detonate charges


Harness the leyline

Dig their graves 



12.30-13.00 Lunch


13.00-15.00 Round 2



Take prisoner

Search the Ruins 


Deliver a message 



15.15-17.15 Round 3


Plant explosives

Claim jump 

Hold up their Forces

Power Ritual 


Take prisoner 

17.15-17.30 Prizes and goodbyes

Strategies and Schemes will be provided for all 3 rounds once the rules being used on the day have been published by Wyrd,

A ringer will be provided in the case of odd numbers. @Kewldown and @Gems93 will be the TO’s for this event.

Entrants List:

1. Reice Chaudhry

2. Aaron Jones 

3. Stef Mcglen 

4. Tim 

5. Maria












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3 minutes ago, Ironrock said:

Should be two of us from Hemel Hempstead coming over. Just confirming if we are free, but looks like we will be. 

Q. Painting Requirement level for this one?

Awesome be great to see you you there, no painting requirements, but there will be a prize for best painted if enough people show up. 

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Thanks again to the organisers for setting this smaller casual event up. 

It was good to see a change of style and list build playing other players, and to use the change of scenery creates different games of play as well. (We usually play out a densely packed settlement skirmish with 2/3 levels and 14+  buildings and elevated bridges so nice to have more open spaces to work with.) And some amazing scenery displayed across the boards.

Nice to have prize support as well even for just six players.  Many thanks.

Played some nice people in game, and good to chat with some experienced players who allowed me to rant about the changes I dislike in ME3.

I think it has become time to hang up the rope on playing Daw and trying to emulate him using Monty. Going to have to open up to a new play style and model range it seems, ideas for this have begun but we shall see if it materialises or not.


Thanks again to all involved in yesterdays event,



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