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  1. Very late announcement, just looking for a few more bodies for a small introduction event to Malifaux tournaments. Running out of Henelwargaming club, in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire. This Saturday 24th February. 50SS fixed Master fixed faction. 3x Games of out of the rulebook Malifaux, designed to bridge the gap from club games to tournament ones ahead of a bigger event in coming months. Cost is £5 on the day, but please let me know if you can come in advance. All details are in the small pack attached to this post. First come first serve, have space for up to 8 bodies at the moment. Cheers, Tim Hemel Hempstead Wargaming Club Malifaux Tournament.pdf
  2. Ironrock

    UK Events Calendar

    I have plans for a full event coming later in the year. April/May. But have an intro to events club tournament this weekend in Hemel Hempstead I just wanted to make aware of before I post about it. (very late notice for this one I am afraid, as we seek to swell numbers) Cheers Tim
  3. Ironrock

    Bonescon inc. Lost Love - Birmingham, 16-18 Feb 2018

    We have a name change for one of the tickets, David box has become Brendan Davies. See you all there Saturday. Thanks, -Tim
  4. Ironrock

    Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

    I'll look out for the date and then see if i bring along the club. Painting awards plural is spicey. -Tim (can't say his name)
  5. Ironrock

    Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    Good event fella, really enjoyed it. Some feedback for you for the next one just to share a thought. Keep the changed Strategies for the next one, and have a change form "ply" if you want to. For the painting could be worth having it specifically for the markers used in games. (Carts/Terrain features used in Schemes/Strategies) gives people a chance to get creative to support their models on the table as well. See you at the next one. -Cheers, -Tim
  6. Ironrock

    Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    Count me in payment should come through tonight for you. Cheers, -Tim
  7. Ironrock

    Hippy-faux 10th February 50ss fixed master

    See what my club are doing this day to see if we can come along for a day of Faux. Ill try to confirm this week for you. -Tim
  8. Ironrock

    Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Sign me up, monies on route now. - Tim Bohknecht
  9. Ironrock


    Could see them doing a re sculpt of something very generic from the early range as part of a refresh to the model's rules as well, like a Female Hans. (never Miss) Another Miss option would be to do a Desperate Mercenary female model, or a female Rat Catcher? (Cats alternative Hamelin release might have stopped this) An alternate sculpt Rusty Alyce would go down well for players, but also reduce the sales of master box just to get that model.
  10. Ironrock

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm In!