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All Som’er Long - M3E tournament 19/5/19 Wayland Games Hockley

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Hey guys I'm organising a tournament at Wayland Games, Hockley on 19/5/19, using the final M3E beta rules, strats and schemes or the actual rules etc if they’ve been released. 

This will be a 50ss fixed faction event. This event will be tracked on bag o' tools (if it works 😂) and put forward for rankings. There is currently a limit of 16 participants but there is the potential to increase this.

Venue: Wayland games, 17-19 Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4AD

Entry: Tickets cost £10 each and can be paid on the day.

Schedule for the day:

10.00-10.30 Registration

10.30-12.30 Round 1

Standard: Plant Explosives

Search the ruins

Dig their Graves

Power Ritual



12.30-13.00 Lunch

13.00-15.00 Round 2

Corner: Turf war

Hold up Their Forces

Take Prisoner


Deliver a Message

Claim Jump

15.15-17.15 Round 3

Flank: Reckoning

Detonate Charges


Harness the ley line



17.15-17.30 Prizes and goodbyes

Strategies and Schemes will be provided for all 3 rounds once the rules being used on the day have been published by Wyrd,

A ringer will be provided in the case of odd numbers. @Kewldown and @Gems93 will be the TO’s for this event.

Entrants List:

1. Reice Chaudhry

2. Grant Dickenson 

3. Weronika Tyrała

4. Arran Jones

5. David Brown

6. Daniel Humpage

7. Tobias Dracup

8. Rich Walters 










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3 minutes ago, MouseOfDanger said:

Is there a painting requirement for this event as it may dictate my choice of faction

No painting requirement but there is a prize for best painted. 

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