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Alt Kickstarter Hannah

Jesy Blue

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Have they ever re-released the original Hannah from the Through The Breach Kickstarter in any of the biannual sales days?

One of my friends holds it over me that he has the cool one, and the only one for sale I've found 3rd party are $150+!  If they ever were availble before, theyll be available again and I can just be patient.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Wyrd released a new Hanna for M3e that was closer to the KS one, there is some precedent for it. The M2e Lord Chompy Bits is a very close facsimile of the 1st Edition Nightmare Edition that at one point commanded a really hefty price on the secondary market. I absolutely hate the Relic Knights Hanna and would love to see a new version but do hope they dont infringe on the KS one in such an obvious way.

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