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Seamus / Nicole’s and cost of summoned models


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i have recently started playing Seamus and nicodem and have a variety of models I can summon. When playing Seamus for example I can use arise my sweet to summon a belle. My confusion is if I need to include the cost of the summoned belle in my crew at the start of the game. I know I need to include the ss cost of the starting models but I think I can maybe take 2 belles at the start and try to get 2 more using arise my sweet. Sorry if it’s a silly question but I am a bit confused about how it works.



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12 hours ago, Jrp1000 said:

Thanks very much. That’s how u thought it worked. Do you think then it’s a good idea to take only 2 belles and then summon the others ?

It kind of depends on what you need to do in the early turns. Having a few models that can deal damage is generally a good idea and Iusually find a flexible list better than a spam list. You also need to consider the amount if models you own and how fast you expect them to die/be summoned.

In some matches you could do well with maybe four belles from the start because your game plan might be to stay in your deployment zone and just lure in enemies for setup or public demonstration in combination with certain strategies.

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When I play Seamus I don't generally plan to summon any belles. I may still do so during the game if the opportunity arises. To plan to summon belles you need ways to generate corpse counters. You can do this by killing things, but there are other ways out there (Mortimer with his action as an example).  Seamus also has other uses for the corpse, such as using them to allow him to disappear even when models could otherwise see him. I've even at times had fun by giving Seamus the Corpse bloat upgrade, and used the corpses to explode causing relatively high Wp tests to lots of models and then hoped enough fail to heal up Seamus.

Basically, its not a bad idea to be able to summon belles, but its not required. And sometimes the enemy don't fit to your plan and do nasty things like kill your belles, so it can be nice to replace them after that.

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