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Maybe now I can try other non-peacekeeper beaters with Hoffman again as I can borrow the armor +2 from the riotbreaker: Arcanist Assets has been a no-go since Improved Harness was released. I run a frequent risk of having my master butchered and every little bit helps. Of course that assumes I have it assembled and painted by the weekend.

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I've ran it in symbols a fair amount, both with Hoff and Lucius.  His gun is one of the few things that can hold off a leapy enemy from getting the marker, and his push helps help other models off of it.   When lucius or Hoff obeys him with a push, he can then use his own push then walk to really get to the opposing marker fast too.

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I've played Hoffman a lot and he's become a staple in my line up.

Hoffman, assets, harnesh OSA



metal gamin



ryle debt to guild

peacekeeper with magnet

The crew is fantastic and able to deliver a really peacekeeper with the pushes allowing a single push a turn for the riotbreaker. Ryle, guardian and riotbreaker normally form a three man hit squad which is strong enough to hold down its own corner of the board or half the board if available.

Great in wagons as well because of puppet and OSA with all the medium+ bases

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