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  1. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    So I take the student (because Duncan convience me) but mainly the fast for a turn on sonnia is huge. The ability to make an extra cast9 shot is huge. Also the flame gets deployed down the table to deny models like nekima from using soul stones. The ability to drop the female in melee with multiple models is also pretty cool forcing your opponent to waste AP to kill it.
  2. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    A lot of people hate on the neph but that extra push in or out of combat or up the field is huge for perdita to disengage her or pull her back once she activated that turn getting her back into the auras you need. You could play two monster hunters but Nino takes the place of the second hunter for me. His ability to shut down interacts forces people to deal with him
  3. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Papa dies almost every game. Two turns of plus flips on perdita is worth a stone a flip because it’s basically a mask trigger for her. So 6 stones for the first two turns. If you can kee papa alive past turn 2 you start seeing a good return and that’s not to mention him making attacks of his own.
  4. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    The gunshot is nice but the push I think is where the real money is. It’s a cast against walk which is pretty unique and fantastic.
  5. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Perdita Terrain at gencon was a disaster for most everyone...except Perdita. One of perdita strengths is ignoring terrain, when there isn’t terrain she gets to focus on card manipulation. One of the strengths to my Perdita play this weekend was the large pieces of terrain with very little scatter terrain. Her list is family heavy, I don’t tend to change her list no matter he scheme or strats because she does so much lifting. Perdita (fastest draw, quick shooting, vengeance bullet), neph, Frank (wade in and cover me), papa (sleuth), Nino, monster hunter, investigator, effigy. Because of the lack of terrain my hands were amazing. Draw 6 investigator for 1, spend 2 on average of you 7 cards hero’s gamble to a new 5. In the games my opponents gave me no good models or very few I would stalk drop my highest card investigator for another. If my hand was high in card numbers I would hero’s gamble it away for 6 new cards hoping for lower cards to discard at the end of turn 1 allowing a cleaner deck. On Perdita activation I would be 6 discards +2 stoned cards+6 in hand+1 investigator+ hero’s gamble(5 average)= around 20 cards in before I even start flips. This is incredibly powerful when your damage flips already have a +1 or +2 spin to them. The general idea of the list is to remove 2 activations on turn 1 between Perdita and Nino. He activation order is fairly straight forward as well effigy>investigator>monster hunter>papa>frank>neph>Perdita. Nino finds himself going first or last. He is able to remove 5/6 wound models incredibly easy turn 1 or score a quick vendetta for 3 points if you select the right target. Perdita May soften the target for Nino to pull the vendetta points quickly. Also Nino is a must include for symbols and ply. Symbols I played in a triangle with one against my deployment and the other two towards the middle of the board. Punish the weak as a scheme helps a lot, remember just shoot as minions and peons back to front so they can’t run away. Pulling the peons and minions by turn3 is an auto 3 points against nonsummoners. Another core model is the monster hunter. This model is busted and I’m not quite sure why it exists in the game. The model is capable of “4+1” AP a turn. Walk+walk+stalk for 2 total AP and a 0. If the stalked model walks or charges you can walk towards it and push it backwards causing damage. Not only do you get functionally 2 free AP but you deny your opponent a functional 1 AP by pushing them back the way they came. In a lot of cases this isn’t ok and causes a lot of activation issues for your opponent. To put it into perspective the monster hunters 4+1 AP a turn can produce 25 AP over the course of a game where most masters only produce 15...Fair? Lastly the monster hunter is a great take one target forcing your opponent to deal with him or he will dish out 6+ damage a turn to a 7+ stone model. All the games I played worked very similarly, remove models and use frank the hunter and effigy late game to scheme run. Burn expert sleuth turn 2-3 to get a +4 on initiative and remove even more activations. If you charge Perdita in with vengeance bullet she is red jokering for 10 damage which is very plausible for her to do or severe a shot for 8 damage burning a stone for a second ram for 9. This allows her to charge shoot her charge target twice then turn her head drop vengeance bullet and put someone else in a body bag. Vengeance bullet as an upgrade adds the +2 damage which forces your opponent to stone trading a 1 stone upgrade for 1 stone and possible still letting 1 damage go through. In one turn I had her kill Tara and finish off killjoy, Sandeep and a mage, bishop and big Jake, etc. the trick is getting two back to back activations with perdita turn 1 last activation and first activation turn 2. The one Perdita game I did lose was a ply game against Larry’s Sandeep where I gave up Nino turn3. Even killing sandy couldn’t keep me in the game, the mages negate so much damage it makes it difficult for Perdita to kill activations as fast as Sandeep creates them. Also the monster hunter isn’t getting bonus damage against the mages which makes the model trade incredibly rough. It was a close game at 6-4 with a Perdita loss. If I did it over I probably would of stoned for an extra ram to one shot the steam fitter which would of slowed down his scheme running. Secondly I wouldn’t of plyed with Nino as early as I did, he keeps me from losing in ply as long as he is alive so losing him made it difficult to stay up on ply. What other questions can I answer about Perdita? (Still not an expert)
  6. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    In no specific order I’ll start with the Hoffman game. It was Hoffman into Kirai. I played Hoffman (harness,osa,arcanist), Ryle with DttG, mech attendant, peacekeeper with T-magnet, warden, guardian, toolkit, metal gamin. It was supply wagons and I picked guarded treasure and undercover entourage in corner deployment. The board had multiple 90 degree height 3-5 walls down a central horizontal line that were hard cover with windows (ruins of some type). Hoffmans mobility offers a great way of getting the wagon and himself up the field and the harness allows him to get through terrain or around it well for entourage. Guarded treasure is fairly straight forward. The list was built specifically for wagons because of the difficulty sonnia and perdita can have getting it across the center line early enough. The reason I like Hoffman is machine puppet helps move the wagon with the peacekeeper. Also when the peacekeeper walks you walk with him. Trading one AP basically for two is pretty great and it allows you to hand out fast. Be careful OSA says “printed” on the card so interact actions I believe don’t count. You have to machine puppet all of the movements. The idea is Koop the gamin giving Hoffman cast 8+the construct bonuses which allows you to hit target numbers incredibly easy. Slow the attendant if possible and peacekeeper push wagon, walk magnetic push, push wagon, walk push wagon, walk magnetic push, and sometime give he PK fast. Peacekeeper activates last letting his magnet pull models that get close enough like the gamin or toolkit. He will push, walk, push giving you 5 pushes turn 1 and allowing you to start looking to threaten turn 2. Ryle and guardian go 8” away from Hoffman and prepare for guarded treasure. The warden try’s to camp in the middle of the two groups Incase he needs to step over and support scheming. Turn 1 wagons get pushed. Turn 2 I get into izamu and leave him on 1 box cheating a mask instead of the ram in my hand. Also I leave the peacekeeper 1” too far out for Hoffman’s no ignoring armor. Upside my opponent spends 4 AP trying to heal the turtle and 4 AP going after the peacekeeper and eventually downs him on turn 3. Turn 2 I score wagon and guarded 2-0. Turn 3 I lose PK to izamu. I shoot at izamu bringing him back down to 2 wounds. My opponent spends 2 activations healing him again, this was where I believe I got a large advantage. The peacekeeper has been holding izamu, datsue ba, and jaakuna up for 2 turns which wasted a lot of AP and allowed me to scheme. Later I learned my opponent had also taken guarded treasure and capturing those models for multiple turns between my wagon and PK probably won me the round. End of turn 3 I score 4-1 with my opponent on the board once PK goes down he is able to get his wagon to me. Turn4 was me activating the machine puppet train and pulling Hoffman as far across the board as possible and harness jumping onto the back board edge to prep for undercover entourage. Ryle gets ikiryo in his face so I accept a max score of 9 not being able to get a third for guarded treasure. Kirai had summoned a goryo to help down the PK which comes in hand to ensure his wagon is deep into my territory. I use the guardian to stand next to my wagon and attempt with a 3” engage to keep models off it. End of turn 4 leaves us at 5-2. Turn 5 Hoffman scores his 3 for undercover and my opponent successfully bypasses the metal gamin to get two markers down for covert. Game ends with me at a 9-6 victory. Losing the PK hurt and I forgot I could discard his upgrade to also heal him 2 points. With Kirais crew able to ignore armor the armor 3 really didn’t do enough to slow him down since I positioned Hoffman incorrectly. I believe that had I kept PK in Hoffman’s aura I could of held those models till turn 4 and possibly stopped 1-3 of my opponents points from being scored. for the weekend I went 6-2 with both my losses coming from Larry who won. Tuesday’s qualifier I lost and dropped after round 2 (10pm and I was hungry). Friday I went 3-0 to win and qualify. Saturday 2-1 losing to Larry second round in a less than close game with some big mistakes on my part.
  7. Rionnay

    Perdita Quetions

    Perdita, papa, frank, effigy, monster hunter, nino, nephelim, investigator is my normal list for her. Papa is a great model in the list giving her a + flip to damage without needing to stone for the mask. The effigy and frank are fairly obvious why they are there. If you can shoot a model pull a low card after killing them and hero's gamble into a better hand that's best case scenario. Also Effigy is low threat enough he can do some center board or late game scheme running. the investigator assists Perdita and papa getting around the board together safely she also pulls a card a turn for you. I rarely find myself using her obey because she's capable of removing a model per shot or two shots which is a better use of AP early game. When I use obey it's normally to walk models off of markers for guarded treasure once I'm up on activations. Nino is a great model for ply and symbols if played well, he is also used to tag models later in the turn like performers and other small scheme runners while denying interacts.
  8. Rionnay

    Guild Second at Gencon

    Hey Guilders, I pulled off a second place placing this past weekend at Gencon. Would anyone be interested in a write up or a question and answer session around what lists and masters I played? I'm fairly new to the game (9 months) so I'm not sure what the normal process is around post-tournament write ups. I wanted to get a feel before I just wrote a whole large post and took up space. Masters played- Hoffman 1/8 games, Sonnia 2/8, Perdita 5/8
  9. Rionnay

    Help me learn to play Lucius

    Take two rifles and dashel
  10. Rionnay

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    There is one card in your deck that stops you from taking the highest. Also if you can cycle the deck more gen once in a turn you "gain" more resources through additional 10+ cards. Again flipping a possible 3-4 cards to hit then 1-3 on damage cycles about 1/4 of the deck if you do this twice in a single rifle activation. Look at games like legendary where you want to throw out the low cards or fish for high cards to make abilities trigger. It's a deck builder concept, cycle the deck taking the highest card possible. 🙂 yes a single black joker is in the deck BUT would you rather flip it on your own missed attack at 14" or have it flipped when you are defending?
  11. Rionnay

    Neverborn hand manipulation

    Lucius+Dashel+Riflemen Anytime you can get +flips taking the highest is huge deck cycling. this also works in damaging. When a rifle can flip 3+ cards to hit and then 2 for damage and shoot again with the same effect you're cycling a large number of cards in one activation. Stack this with Lucius allowing models to focus outside their activation with issue command. A single rifleman can throw 10 cards taking the highs in one activation. 2riflemen X 10 cards= 20 + Lucius 7 in hand +2 for cycling=29 cards+ issue command cards used 3= 32 cards just off of 3 models activations. Horror duels for walking also flip a lot of cards. Lastly Neverborn has a tough time finding +flips and getting a zero action focus or focus outside of a models activation is incredibly strong :-) 2 Lucius AP turns in 2 possible AP for a rifleman. So the question is whats more important, cards in hand or seeing cards and taking the highest seen while still being able to cheat your hand?
  12. Rionnay

    Playing into blasters

    Hey there! I'm curious what the general though is for Neverborn when playing into blasters like Sonnia, Raspy, Sandy, etc. Currently I am thinking a puppet heavy wooden claws collodi crew but I am completely open to any and all suggestions. I wont put you down for an idea just looking for general suggestions :-) Sonnia- Accurate long range plus to damage flips with blasts Raspy- Multiple long range blasts Sandy- Blasts while also driving a summoning engine
  13. Rionnay

    Summoning Pandora

    Hey team neverborn! There was someone in Europe (Jake/Jacob) that has been tearing up the field with a summoning pandora. I've painted a set of field reporters for Nellie and my body is ready. Idea is this: sorrows are too expensive. Here is what I have so far, Declared Faction: Neverborn Crew Name: 50ss Leader: Pandora - Cache:(3) Voices 1ss Fears Given Form 1ss Depression 1ss Hooded Rider 10ss Retribution's eye 1ss Doppleganger 7ss Iggy 5ss Enraged Tantrum 0ss Baby Kade 6ss The Mimic's Blessing 1ss Mysterious Effigy 4ss Insidious Madness 5ss Insidious Madness 5ss Depression seems like an auto include either woe is me. Overall I'm struggling with wrapping my head around why u would play Woe panda over Box or Voices. What strats/schemes does WoePanda want to play into?
  14. Rionnay

    Nellie is not dead

    I'm still fairly new about 3 months in but I'm 35+ games in so far and been playing miniature games for 12+ years. I see why people liked her with mercs but idk if it's needed. The 3 games I've lost were all against rasputina because I failed to go more elite heavy and got blasted to death. Ive been playing her strictly guild and she performs fantastic. It could be that I'm crutching really hard on riflemen as well ;-) we have been playing with a standard 33% terrain with a mixture of hard/soft cover and LOS blocking. I'll put the list in the bottom. What I've found is she can out activate anyone and drops scheme markers very well while also supporting her army with fast incite etc. I read through the whole post snd dont see see a compelling reason not to just play her straight build. Help me understand :-) I'm always looking for a reason to buy more models! Declared Faction: Guild Crew Name: Nellie 50ss Leader: Nellie Cochrane - Cache:(4) Guild Funds 1ss Misleading Headlines 1ss Delegation 1ss The Printing Press 3ss Phiona Gage 8ss Wrath of the Guild 1ss Lead Lined Coat 1ss Captain Dashel 8ss Arrest Him 0ss Guild Rifleman 5ss Guild Rifleman 5ss Watcher 4ss Field Reporter 4ss Field Reporter 4ss Guild Guard 3ss