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A Proud Day for the Ancestors


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After about six or seven straight losses to Lilith-led Neverborn crews, a Yan Lo TT crew finally won.  It was tight, 4-3, but the old man did it. It might have turned out different if both my opponent and myself had not forgotten aspects of our Schemes, but I will take the win!  Funny thing is my crew was sorta slapped together, based on not using "crutch" models like Toshiro, Izamu, etc. Here's the list (as it was at game's end):

Yan Lo w/Awakening, Follow in Their Footsteps, Spirit Ascendant, Blood Ascendant 


Sensei To

Obsidian Statue

2x Tengu

2x Tokarage


Definitely going to use some of these again. 


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Congrats on the win! Seems like a really outside-the-box crew!

What did you think of the Torakage?  I've been running one with Misaki and I actually don't think they are too bad.  Sure, there are better choices, but I don't think they're horrible.

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