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Just got ma tucket


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You've bought very strange combination of minis.
In Mah's box you dont need bushwhakers and Sammy not fits mah style.

Gators are ok, old cranky can find a place.
You can get Burt Jebsen and some melee beters like restlers/survivers/Emissary/etc.
Dont think that you purchases can be competetive.

But if you are new to malifaux and playing against new players this can work.

Pick Sammy and give her pit traps, little lass with 1armor upgrade.
Mah with wave 5 upgrades and may be dity cheater.
Bayou gators and trixi.
And bushwhackers for rest of ss.
But this team wont be played in a Mah style and wont use her buffs even in a 50%.

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I'd argue that the bushwackers do just fine with Mah, especially now that they're cheaper. (They cost 5 now, as of January in case your cards aren't accurate @Gray0156)

What that list is definitely missing there though would be A Gremlin Crier.  He helps cover for the card discard that the Bushwhackers (and the Gators) want to do.  As a pro tip though, that crew will give you the ability to discard your entire hand for various pushes and goodies and cover, resist!  Only use those abilities when it sets up something really nice.

You'll end up using Mah Tucket and Trixie to put the Gators into good positions to chew on people, while the Bushwhackers move up and and provide covering fire.

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I would suggest Survivors because they are great with mah easy to make MI6 and at 4 stones their a great addition I usually take 3 and even used 5 before with great success

50 SS Gremlins Crew
Mah Tucket + 4 Pool
 - Manifest Destiny (1)
 - Pit Traps (1)
 - Know The Terrain (1)
The Little Lass (4)
 - lead lined apron (0)
Trixibelle (8)
 - A Gun For A Lady (1)
Swine-Cursed (7)
Swine-Cursed (7)
Survivor (4)
Survivor (4)
Survivor (4)
Survivor (4)
Survivor (4)

 (exported from CrewFaux)

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Beware the negativity on the gremlin forums. 

Bushwackers are solid for 5 stones. 3 may be a bit much, but they are excellent at taking out medium level models. They are great at vendetta as well. A focused shot doing moderate or severe can easily finish off something that Mah throws into their line of fire for 3 points.

Old cranky may struggle to keep up with this crew, but him and sammy should play well on a flank. She can hold the pit trap upgrade and between them they can cycle cards and turn shut down scheme runners.

Gators are probably the weakest model you have. The can hit like a truck if your opponent has already used their hand and can't defend. Conversly if you activate early they may burn cards to defend. Not resulting in the gator itself doing much, but setting up for those focused bushwhacker shots and Mah's charges.

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