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    McMourning and Co. Tactica

    Hi guys! Gremlin player here. Haven't played anything but gremlins and dont have any McMourning players around. I always liked his style so after few years of wish-listing i've bought him. Can you advice some basic lists to start with? I got his box (but 1 nurse and 2 flesh constructs), Rafkin, 3 canine remains, effigy, emissary+1 zombie, 2 autopsy, centauroi and whole gremlin fraction (like 3x warpigs, Burt, etc). And what are the most usable upgrades are for him and crew?
  2. green-n-dumb

    List Advice: Zipp Denial list.

    i think skeeter and criers will die turn 2-3 and you will be just with naked board. hard to imagine how this combo can make you 10 VP.
  3. green-n-dumb

    Ophelia or am i Wong?

    Take Wong box + Burt Jebsen and you will be satisfied a lot. If your budget allows - take Swinecursed, Old Crancky & Sammy. Ophelia box imo not the strongest atm and containts only two good models - Francoise and Raphael. And imo Wong box much more suits for gg18.
  4. green-n-dumb

    Getting a friend into the game and he wants Zipp...help

    Burt and Ophelia box. will have access to 2 cool masters and will have tools for mostly everything.
  5. green-n-dumb

    M3e sculpts

    Backdraft is near to m3e. Sculpts are amazing, gamins are the cutest thing in our faction. I was assembling backdraft+Brinn for 2.5 hours. And tommorow ill get Zoraida+Swampmother+bultungin. I cant understand what have i done to designer It feels like lots of passive agression And new bases are not fine to me - 6x2mm magnets do not fit to them.
  6. green-n-dumb

    Backdraft box miscast?

    mine has an extra hole at the back o_o whoops, i found it just dont have holes on a top wheel.
  7. green-n-dumb

    m3e faction announce

    So now we are officially Bayou faction. Whats your emotions and thoughts about news? https://www.wyrd-games.net/m3e-bayou
  8. green-n-dumb

    Upgrades for Ulix?

    Can summoned models take interacts on turn they were summoned?🤔
  9. Hello! Got a bit curios can be damage cheated when it's not a part of attack action. Examples: Bishop def trigger: After an Ml attack fails agains this model, this model deals damage 1/2/4 to the Attacker. Seamus "Do you know who I am" upgrade: Once per turn when enemy model within 6" passes a Horror duel, this model may deal 2/3/4 damage to it. And will hard to wound affect on theese flips?
  10. green-n-dumb

    m3e faction announce

    BTW im curious will tanuki and fermented river monks stay with TRI-CHI keyword.
  11. green-n-dumb

    Starting Ophelia

    And im very recommend Burt and get 2 dirty cheater upgrades+wave 5 Ophelia upgrades (you can print em). It will help you lots.
  12. green-n-dumb

    m3e faction announce

    Its worst solution you could come up with. "Just pick bunch of unsuitable models and play with them".
  13. green-n-dumb

    m3e faction announce

    At the moment I like 95% of everything i read about gremlins. Dont like current Ophelia, Ulix, Mah and Somer(BORED) gameplay and hope they will evolve for something more interesting. i'm a little bit worried about Zipp at outcasts (I have some roblems with buying ALL MODELS FOR MY MASTERS) and about mercenaries i have - i have like 5+ mercs like Aionus, Taelor, student of conflict, ronin, perfomer, ama no zako and bloodwretch (i think some people have like 10+ mercs) and hoping that theese massive amount of miniatures wont become useless one day. And yes, outcast faction havent deserved our precious Capitain Zipp.
  14. green-n-dumb

    Starting Ophelia

    Third edition will be minimum at start of 2019. Buying another master is not a risky - they all will be playable at m3e. If I go Ophelia from zero (but i dont like her much) I'd buy Burt + Zipp boxes. The most suitable and complex buy that making both boxes work pretty well. Also I recommend to read sticky Ophelia topic - there are lots of information.
  15. green-n-dumb

    m3e faction announce

    Already done, sir. Waiting for answer.
  16. green-n-dumb

    Just got ma tucket

    You've bought very strange combination of minis. In Mah's box you dont need bushwhakers and Sammy not fits mah style. Gators are ok, old cranky can find a place. You can get Burt Jebsen and some melee beters like restlers/survivers/Emissary/etc. Dont think that you purchases can be competetive. But if you are new to malifaux and playing against new players this can work. Pick Sammy and give her pit traps, little lass with 1armor upgrade. Mah with wave 5 upgrades and may be dity cheater. Bayou gators and trixi. And bushwhackers for rest of ss. But this team wont be played in a Mah style and wont use her buffs even in a 50%.
  17. green-n-dumb

    Whiskey List?

    but its like 30 points into summoning? may be switch one porkchop for taxidermist? but i think summoning in brewie is just a nice addition, not the gameplay goal.
  18. green-n-dumb

    Whiskey List?

    mech porckchop for 6ss?
  19. green-n-dumb

    Whiskey List?

    why you are picking gamins instead of summoning?
  20. green-n-dumb

    What to do with Lynch

    summon bayou gremlins and kill Lynch? Wong can blast off his crew with two swincursed and burt or Tawish. just dont move your models to close combat, keep 8"+ distance. or you can have francois on skeeter combo to kill Lynch. He dont have lots of ss and his df is very sqwishy. summ 3 bayous turn 1 with Sommer, then kill 3 with one blast at turn 2 and take 6 (or 9 with banjoista) cards for Francois. then just transport him with skeeter and he will be like 4 ap and cast his (0) for + flip when discarding cards. Lynch cant say "NO" in this situation.
  21. green-n-dumb

    Backdraft Gremlin Boys

    summoning whiskey gamins is fine, dont think that both 8ss guys will find place at brew team.
  22. green-n-dumb

    Self-imposed restrictions!

    Burt Jebsen. Iron skeeters, swine cursed, creative taxidermy, lightning bugs, Merris.
  23. green-n-dumb

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    It's pretty easy - 4 bayous from Somer, one alt Bayou and four metal one. 9 is enough for me.
  24. green-n-dumb

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    When i was playong lots of Sommer i was saying like "now guy in a cool hat activates", but my opponents were like "but they are all in a cool hats!"
  25. green-n-dumb

    How to differentiate war pigs?

    im using one metal warpig and two war wabbits, one war wabbit dont have raiders.