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Friday Preview - Infiltrators


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Happy Friday Wyrdos!  I'm not really sure how they snuck in here, but this week's Friday Preview is of the Infiltrators!  Let's take a quick look, before they sneak off again.  


Every nation on Earth makes use of diplomats and spies, but few do it as well as the King’s Empire. The Infiltrators are the Empire's light combat stealth unit, trained in part by his Majesty’s spies and in part by the military. This grants them a tactical flexibility on the battlefield that many military forces lack.

Armed with simple pistols, mines, and camouflage, the Infiltrators do not shy away from any conflict. While they excel at distracting the enemy and controlling the battlefield, they are just as capable of charging into the heart of battle, guns blazing, to accomplish their objectives.

On the tabletop, Infiltrators can deploy ahead of the rest of the Company, giving them the ability to quickly claim objectives. Though their weapons are not potent, their Confuse and Place Mines Actions can keep the battlefield changing in unpredictable ways.

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They're best used for harassment, mostly.  For 5ss they get a Strength 2 attack with a trigger for +1 so if they hit they can get some good damage out there for their cost, and Confuse sets up your heavier hitters to wreck the enemy units as well or block them from Reinforcing.  Camoflage lets you place them to snag Objectives early on in the game, and if they do kill something and go to Glory then their Minefields can be used to deny movement lanes for your opponent.

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16 hours ago, retnab said:

?  Last I saw them the Pistols were AV 4, and having an Inspired Token brings that to a 6.  Use Confuse on the enemy to remove their Inspired and give them a Shaken and suddenly you have basically +4 to your stats for the action

Hey that is better, thanks for some relevant information. AV4 sounds like it's on the low end, fair for their stone cost but still usable.

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