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Gencon attendees, a request for piccies... Please!

Da Git

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I saw this album link to TGN - https://www.facebook.com/pg/tabletopgamingnews/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154986276537945

From a thread in Malifaux's Forum Section

Going through the images, you can see some new models for The Other Side (based on the shape of the base ^_^). According to some at GenCon it seems the next two allegiances will be Three Kingdoms and Kimon (Oni).



So I guess by the time the Kickstarter is fulfilled and the following Wave 2 book, there will be 8 allegiances:

Earth Side: King's Empire, Abyssinia, Guild (Syndicate), and Three Kingdoms

Malifaux Side: Cult of the Burning Man. Gibbering Horde, Court of Two (Syndicate), and Kimon.

Really looking forward to the more Asian factions. Hopefully The Other Side is successful enough to get a Wave 3 for the North/South Americas' Factions for a World War-ish event :D

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Yeah, immediately spreading to Asia when the core game already includes Europe (or Great Britain, at least) and Africa is a smart decision. I'm curious what Oni being aligned with Malifaux means for the fluff. So far I haven't seen it directly mentioned they originate from Malifaux. It would be very interesting if they expand on what we know of the land masses on Malifaux - we only know of Malifaux City and its immediate surroundings, and that there's an ocean which is where the Gibbering Hordes reside. There's a whole world there, Oni could originate from an entirely different part of Malifaux.

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I have not caught up on all the fluff, but there was a distinction made on how one oni can manifest a lot easier in the Malifaux side and not on Earth side. The "world of Oni" is an in-between world from the "mortal realm" of Earth and Malifaux? 

It will be interesting to see how Wyrd incorporate them into the fluff. IIRC In some Chinese myths, yokai (classified as Oni in the Malifaux game) can be humans in their previous lives that did not reincarnate back into another human being/normal animal. This could be due to a tragic death or resentment during their previous lives.


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Great stuff. As a big TT player, I am pretty bummed that Three Kingdoms and Oni were not part of the KS campaign. But I am getting every Horde and Abyssinian model (save the motorcycle and Eel, since I am not sold on the asking price) and a 3rd starter box (it will either be KE as a small allies/demo group or a 2nd Horde box for double Karkonoi).

So I will have plenty to play with in the meantime.

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