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What breed is McMournings Canine?


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37 minutes ago, Bengt said:

A bulldog?

Doesn't look like one to me. The old chubby metal one is obviously an english bulldog but the new one looks far to shaggy and long-furred to be one.

The old metals are easily identified as english bulldog, pug, rottweiler and dobermann (at least I think so based on laymans knowledge of dogs).

I guess it's just some mutt.

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@Bengt Can't fit it into any dog breeds I know and I figure the pattern from the Tramp will look good since I'll already have a bulldog. Meant I'll go with his colours, not that the sculpt was very similar to the tramp.


Relaterad bildRelaterad bild


This will be my bulldog. The thing from body of evidence will be a grey mutt.








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Does look like a Bulldog, mot likely an English bulldog or possibly a Victorian or Dorset Old Tyme Bulldog, pretty much any of the Bulldog breeds with the (somewhat adorable) jowly frown.

I do like the fact that the Malifaux dogs do tend to be a breed rather then then the usual 'generic dog' you tend to get in games.

Now to convince Wyrd to do a Border Collie somehow, maeby as a miss model Miss Herd perhaps? XD

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I'm sitting with the models in front of me right now and they might be based off the same koncept but they look nothing like each other in the "flesh" so to speak. The head is all wrong, it might be some other variation of bulldog or the artist just took some liberties. I don't dislike the new one, it's just not similar at all.

The new plastic 3 dog set I can't really stomach, they look nothing like any dog I've ever seen, two of them don't even have necks. One shares a pose with the old one but they seem to have gone more WH direwolf than trying to get them to look like dogs which I'm not a fan of.

Went back and read my Tramp post, I didn't make it clear at all I only meant the coat Bengt so I can see how you were confused.

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