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Found 16 results

  1. Any suggestions on models of large cats in light armor (guild hounds) and large undead cats (canine remains)? I'm also looking for a good substitute for Baby Cade and Candy, since I don't really want to buy the Pandora box set just to add them to my Curiosity Killed the Cat crew.
  2. Hey everyone, question of the utmost importance! What breed is the dog in McMournings starter (not the chihuahua obviously)? I have the old metal canines and I can easily identify them but the McMourning one isn't as easy for me.
  3. From the album: Display case

  4. From the album: Display case

  5. From the album: Display case

  6. Hey all! I finally got around to finishing up my undead puppy dogs to join Marcus' Magnificent Menagerie! I hope you like them: I have several other angles of each of the zombie dogs over at my blog, check it out!
  7. I am, of course, referring to the canine remains. I am hoping to start a discussion of some tips and tactics on zombie pugs with specific casters in mind. I see with it's speed that it is a solid scenario piece, and if I understand it correctly, one can add a corpse token on turn 1. I was wondering with Seamus, if it is worth it to do so on turn 1 to give a body to activate his back alley trigger (with the appropriate upgrade, of course). Is this something you Seamus players normally do? Is there value in using the dog's def debuff to try and take a shot or is the chance of
  8. I have just seen a video dating to 1940's Russia, which details the reanimation of a dog's body (in whole and in literal parts). For those who wish to see this video, be warned as it is rather disturbing, and details what can be considered cruelty to animals. I do not endorse such things, take note; I just want to gauge people's thoughts on the matter. The video link extension for YouTube is here: /watch?v=HkBiflN1dF4 Allegedly this was a real, and successful experiment. Others were able to replicate results and modify the experiments to end up with two-headed dogs, an ape with the body
  9. Here are some of mcmorning character. P2191789 par morpsele, sur Flickr The Pug P2191788 par morpsele, sur Flickr The Rottweiller P2191785 par morpsele, sur Flickr P2191781 par morpsele, sur Flickr P2191779 par morpsele, sur Flickr The Nurses P2191798 par morpsele, sur Flickr P2191797 par morpsele, sur Flickr Sebastien Enjoy
  10. Hello to all in the world of Wyrd. I was tintoduced to Malifaux by a friend a little over a month ago and I just cant get enough of these cool minis. I've been painting 40k stuff for about 4 years now and I think im really comming along now. Take a look at my blog for some really Hi res pics of some things I've done. http://curtisminipainting.blogspot.com/
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