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Summoning shenlong?


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I tried this list once and am tempted to try again, since there are just some yummy synergies to be had. Though I admit at times I like to go for super clunky mechanics and then just lose the VP race. :D Still learning.

So, the synergies include Shenlong - Jorogumo - Anna Lovelace - Toshiro

-Jorogumo can feed some relatively cheap poison +3 to shenlong (5:mask needed on the (0)AP attack) and gain :+fate from Toshiro's daimyo aura.

-Shenlong can activate the fermented river style TN16 walk duel quite easily, giving :-fate to all duel to enemies which fail the test.

-Anna provides the ever so yummy "rush of magic" and can either go for mindless zombies (fuel for Toshiro) OR for the 3:pulse horror duel on target, which is hopefully aided by Shenlongs fermented river style. (Enemy can't cheat Wp if they are on :-fate from the pulse)

-Finally Toshiro will buff the jorogumo offense and hopefully summon something.

Also once Tanuki are out, I could see some rather easy corpse markers.

  1. After initiative peasant places scheme marker.
  2.  Peasant activates, gaining poison if he's inside Tanuki's aura.
  3. Akaname activates, also gaining poison from the same scheme marker, lick poison off peasant and gurgle out a corpse.

Anything that you see that could improve my idea or if some parts are unnecessary? Perhaps with Tanuki the jorogumo isn't even necessary with all that poison flying around.

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It seems like an excessively roundabout way to get twoish Ashigaru on the field. Why not replace the Jorogumo for an Izamu so you do more and more consistent damage, get any other style on Shenlong so he can be infinitely more useful and replace Toshiro and Anna for some extra 8-10ish SS beaters so you can make a lot more use out of Shenlong's constant handing out fast and focus?

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21 minutes ago, twibs said:

The (0) attack on Jorogumo has only 2 weak, also if running Emissary it's exactly the amount it heals from swapping upgrades.

2, my bad.

But also including the Emissary AS WELL as those three models (for 37 ss altogether) seems even more excessive. :)

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Hmmm, I'm not so convinced by this.  I would potentially just kill a peasant for turn 1 and maybe 2 for a corpse marker and summpn off that, you need less infrastructure there, just Toshiro and the peasants you were probably using anyway.


You have just opened my eyes to a potential Brewmaster summon though. I've been using a Fermented River Monk as the anchor to push Brewmaster (and Sensei Yu) up using his (0), getting Poison 4 (and therefore reactivate) out of it. You could swap the FRM for an Akaname and drop a corpse instead, summoning with Toshiro. Costs a bit more cardwise though.

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Yes. Probably excessive, but still fun to theorize. I'm still learning the value of plain old scheming. 😀 

Though with the addition of Tanuki/Akaname shenanigans it may be possible to provide enough poison for Shenlong just by them. 

Does "Stumble" stack? Giving multiple negative flips?

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