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  1. twibs

    Timing guide?

    I am under the impression that "killed" happens 'during Step 5' of the timing (page 25, opposed duels) and "removed from play" happens 'after step 5'. So that would leave whole step worth of time for things to happen. In that case the model A would block the LoS for the gamin's pulse. Page 26:
  2. So, a thought occured to me while looking at the new 10T model Tanuki. While the Tanuki has the following ability (exact wording eludes me, will have to check upon that) Could Tanuki theoretically declare that it is taking a nap while it's paralyzed? RAW implies that it is able to do so.
  3. twibs


    It's just pretty much planed timber (had to look up the term), about 2 cm by 10 cm, which I cut in shape with circular saw and then added the notches for the plywood "covers" to snugly fit in and then my sister did the staining and varnish, since she's in the business of that. Apparently easier to do herself than try and guide me through it. The finished product certainly looks almost professional. I know the waterfall is a real eye catcher, but I'm almost more proud of the bridge, which is also made almost from scratch, only the actual rails and wooden planks are from a set, though heavily modified. Thank you all though, it's nice to hear that you appreciate my insanity.
  4. twibs


    Hello. During my vacation I decided to finish my long term project, a battlefield-in-a-case. Of course my figs need a "homebase", which will be abandoned soulstone mine near a sabotaged railway. The case folds into a neat carryon case and has a separate backside which is attached with clips during transportation. This is my second 3x3 battlefield and I must say it's much more nice to work on than the warhammer's 4x6 size. This image showcases *ba-dum-tsih* the travel mode of my table.
  5. twibs


    Thanks guys. I feel that when I get next model that actually has human eyes I really need to concentrate on that one. But in the meantime little update. Akaname are just soooo cute. Also with the mega technique from Yasunori I was encouraged to try the same on Yokai, who are the flicker masters.
  6. twibs

    10T - ALT MODEL

    My vote goes to lone swordman also. For some reason I dislike the model.
  7. twibs


    Thanks for your time to reply. My blacks tend to be just several layers of bacl/dark inks, I find it gives me more realistic shadows on the figure. And while I do try to put some extra effort on my photos (actual camera, positioning, photoshop filters) you might be the first one to take note of it.
  8. Izamu is overshadowed by Yasunori in every way except sturdyness. There it's kinda draw, Iz has armor but Yas has def and card draw.
  9. twibs

    Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    If Asami has problems with poison, just summon Akaname. But yeah, a thing to keep in mind, for sure.
  10. twibs

    Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    About bad hair day. I could see this as a sort of turning low cards into higher ones, with a gamble. The podcast said you can attempt the duel again, which I interpret as having the identical duel. Stone/flicker for a suit, focus up and attempt a summon, maybe yokai. If it fails, drop an ace for reflip, which should also be with the suit and focused. Add in Yu for added focus benefits.
  11. twibs

    Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    Any info on Emissary? Did we get a conflux for Asami? At least the promo image with Ototo and Lady J upgrade had some upgrade ending in "..ux" and in 10T colors.
  12. The question in question (ba-dum-tsih) is one asked on this same forum, actually only few topics below this one. But should models be excluded from pulse effects, if they were outside of it at the occurance of the event?
  13. I have to agree with Myyrä, with the current rules we cannot decipher the RAW or RAI of this scenario. For sake of simplicity, which the game at times seems to thrive for, we could declare and resolve them one by one, even though this might cause some "real life" inconsistencies.
  14. Wait, I can see some slight inconsistencies regarding the timing. Some previous question had to do about the timing of Bad JuJu's unbury and gupps "juvenile wail". In a sense, the JuJu is not within the range of the wail at the time of the death, since it's buried, but depending on circumstances it can unbury before the wail is triggered. So, should we at the time of declaring abilities, also declare targers? In a sense the act of unbury will "place" the model there, but in that case what is the difference of resolving the wail before if the JuJu already "is" there? To put it in other way: Case 1: Model A is killed, which triggers model B to push towards it. Model B has aura which can be triggered by the death of model A. Model B cannot declare this ability if it wasn't within range at the time of death. Case 2: Model A is killed, which triggers model B to push towards it. Model A has pulse which triggers at the time of his death. Model B CAN benefit from that pulse, since Model B pushed (or unburied) into range before the ability was resolved? Is this right?