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Help a new guy to overcome dat pesky shooting


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Sup guys.
My friend bought a lot of TT stuff (Shenlong, Misaki, Jorogumo, tt bros, Lone swordsman, Emissary, Izumo) but he lost every single game. His opponents in all games were Dita and Opheia(tonns of pesky shooting).
What models/strats do you recomend to overcome that issue. what basicly TT can do against all SH lists?

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Schlong with double snipers can usually pick apart other shooty crews in my experience. Misaki should be able to disrupt shooty crews by engaging and scalpeling out important models.

Mei Feng venting steam twice or thrice and protecting a shooty crew of her own can really disrupt shooting.

The thunders don't exactly lack shooting options themselves, samurai are also quite devastating.

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As Ludvig said, your friend could fight fire with fire and bring katanaka sniper(s) to the game. I guess Perdita player used Watcher to extend his LoS – killing it with sniper would surely help. Mei Feng is probably the hardest counter, but then your friend will have to buy another set of models for her (like mechanized porkchop, obsidian oni and so on). If I were your friend, I would focus on mastering Shenlong.

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First thing I would look at is the board terrain. 

It may be that the boards are fine, but if you find Shooting much more powerful than close combat, then the most obvious reason is your board doesn't have enough cover.

It could also be that his opponents are just better. One thing to consider trying is Misaki and Last blossom with smoke and shadows. You are adding cover and potentiall getting models moved far up field without exposing them to the attacks. Plus Misaki hugely out ranges most shooting. 


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Some thoughts:

Misaki with Lone Swordsman and Sensei Yu are severe threats to a shooty crew. They get up the board quick, with fast (and stalk from Yu copying) and both are bullet-proof. Misaki much less so, but Lone Swordsman can practically laugh off Sh attacks. Once they are in range, it's target priority.

As Adran said, cover is a thing. I believe it's listed somewhere that 30% of the board should be terrain with a good mixture of blocking, impassible, cover, walls, etc. 

Snipers to counter shoot are solid, and with their built in :+fate they don't really care about cover all too much. Plus Yu can buff their Sh stat if you focus for the extra range. 

On the shenlong front, high river stance with burning allows you to take a point of damage to raise your duel total. This happens after cheating, if memory serves. So if you know you have a focused Dita shot coming in, and they are barely beating you, that couple of points of damage to negate their focused damage flip could be a real life saver.

Emissary has a 0 action that grants pseudo-armor... it's damage resistance but it's not armor so Dita can't ignore it. It comes from going defensive. If you are playing Shenlong, you should have an 8-9 card hand and 2 peasants... so that should be plenty of ways of getting the prerequisite defensive condition on your models.  

Also I would look at deployment.  Games can absolutely be lost on deployment. Maybe set up some test games just to practice deploying, and examine how quickly the opponent can get in range with guns. 

Which brings me to my last note... try to learn the capabilities and ranges.  Dita can ignore LoS, cover, armor and can push in position out of activation.  Not all at once, but you have to be aware she can do that. Ophelia has a rocket that ignores LoS, a gun that grants terror, the ability to push out of activation and her thinking luck trigger to be on a 4/6/8 damage spread with built in positives on attack to basically ignore cover... all at 10" from her; 12" on the rocket.

Don't forget you can pre-measure.  Get some proxy bases and plink it down where you want to move, then do some quick measurements to see what is required to get one of those models into range to ruin your day. Keep in mind their bonuses and weigh it against your defenses.  If they only can get one shot off, might be ok... but if they haven't used their push yet and can get all 3 shots off... definitely not ok. 

Some example lists and pools of what they are playing would potentially allow some more help as well. Even a photo of your typical board setup. :P

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