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  1. First M3E tournament for NC and the Triangle area! All are welcome to come check it out. Here's the details: Location: Atomic Empire - 3400 Westgate Dr #14B, Durham, NC 27707 Format: M3E (using most current open beta rules) DMH allowed as of right now. Rounds: 3 Proxy Policy: Case by case basis, but generally accepted as long as it won't slow down play. Cost: $10 Date: 3/16/2019 (Saturday) Timetable: Pre-reg at 10-1030. 1st Round 11am sharp. 2h15m rounds. 45m Lunch after 1st round.
  2. I meant more in addition to. I concur that poor man’s two card by itself was wretched.
  3. Oh totally. I was kinda hoping it was an indicator we were getting that trick back.
  4. I don’t believe this ability does anything as chi can only be spent for +2. @Kyle?
  5. Come check out the last event of the year for the Triangle at Gamer's Armory in Cary, NC! This will be a 50ss single faction tournament for Malifaux 2nd Edition. Entry will be $10. Check in is at 10am and will be 3 rounds starting at 11 and ending around 7pm. Come on out and get some faux in! The Gamer's Armory 683 Cary Towne Blvd F Cary, NC 27511 December 15th, 2018 Feel free to contact me here or at r.flynn@thirdfloorwars.com with any questions.
  6. The standard shen core is basically shadow emissary and one low river monk, to make use of his conflux to draw 3 cards. Aside from that, he plays well with a lot of models. So as Da Git said, I would look first for just having fun with what interests you. If you have a more competitive meta that is playing what wins, let us know and we can all chime in on how to take him to the next level. Shen is one of the, if not the, most complex master out there, so don't hesitate to ask questions on piloting or how to tackle certain problems.
  7. Oh thanks! Didn’t realize that! Though I suppose it got faq’ed to prevent exactly that kind of tomfoolery!
  8. Awesome! Just don't over extend him and you'll love how he affects the board A point to re-iterate as well, that his Leave It To Luck 0 action only has a 6" range. So if you have high masks in hand and some ranged models nearby, they can cheat those masks at the +2 value, and your opponent doesn't get the boost. I've used this in the past for sniper fire in my Shenlong sniper list, because I have a 9 card hand, I often get a few masks. It's great for turning 9's and 10's into severe damage with the focused shot! The above was faq'ed to not affect severity, only numerical value. So it's only useful for attacks in the sniper scenario. Still good to have, just not quite as bad-ass as I previously had thought!
  9. Keeping him alive is the big challenge. He's just such a card sink from existing. Good times! Keep the union in their place!
  10. To be honest, just because it's a very blatant synergy and I was trying to focus on things aside from that. Pretty much every one I've talked to over the years has mentioned the Tannen summoning synergy, specifically for getting Teddy or for Joro on 11s. So to keep an already wordy article a tad shorter, I didn't touch on it. That's all!
  11. New article up on Third Floor Wars on Mr. Tannen and why you should take him in your crews. https://thirdfloorwars.com/keep-calm-and-take-this-model/
  12. New article up on Third Floor Wars and thoughts on why you should be looking at Mr. Tannen for your crew. https://thirdfloorwars.com/keep-calm-and-take-this-model/
  13. The point reductions on HRM and Archers make them niche models that can definitely see table play. I've not been disappointed. As to samurai. I use one with jigoku often with Lynch and I use one with Earth often with Brewmaster. Brewie can obey him to shoot out of activation if I want, and his armor 2 and 9wds is great to misdirect onto, which I use a lot with brewie. The fact that he can just walk and heal with brew while I pass out swill is nice. Otherwise they need a bit of love to be competitive. They aren't terrible, but 2/3/4 damage is pathetic on an 8ss model that has nothing else going for it.
  14. Some crazy folks are moving in on your turf, and it's time to eject them from the vicinity... forcefully if necessary! Welcome to my first league as the new henchman of The Gamer's Armory, in Cary, NC. I will be hosting this with my good friend and fellow henchman Dawn McCormack Plunge from the Durham meta at Atomic Empire Who? You! And anyone who has been interested in seeing how a tournament works without the pressure of doing multiple games in one day. What? This will be a five round league event run in the format of a tournament. We will use GG18, you will have one opponent a week. Future opponents will be determined by differential and CP. So if you lost first week, you'll play someone else who also lost. Only one game counts, so feel free to practice the pool with other people or play practice games with your opponent! It's all about having fun while maintaining the rules structure of a tournament. If there aren't enough people to do a five round (like only 8 participants) then we'll do random pairings for first two weeks and then the last three will be based on differential and CP. When? June 1st through July 8th! Official play days will be on Tuesday for AE and Thursday for GA. Where? The Gamer's Armory in Cary, NC and Atomic Empire in Durham, NC. Games held at either location count. Just need to play your opponent and report it (there will be a form submission online for that). Why? ... because Malifaux is awesome? Seriously, we hold a lot of tournaments in the NC meta, and I know a few people have expressed hesitance to just throw down. So here's your chance to get familiar with the rules and format, with no pressure and plenty of time to plan and play! I will be posting more information as well as the schemes and strats on ThirdFloorWars.com. How? $10 and a 50ss crew! Bring as many or as little masters as you like, standard 50ss tournament GG18 rules. Any questions feel free to post here or message me on our facebook page!
  15. A key thing to remember is that her blasts are just shy of 8". She gets a 2" walk off the target and 150mm which is 5.9" so if you are 8"+ apart, she cannot reach you. Period. I use an 8" stick to measure now when I'm trying to do that. Alternatively a buddy of mine recently got a "Sonnia" blast template for measuring (https://www.etsy.com/listing/504316960/malifaux-magnetized-sonnia-criid-blast) so he can verify how his models might get caught. Another thing to note would be is Papa present or not? If Papa Loco is in there crew, then you need to play way more aggressive and/or cagey then if he's not. HtW mitigates a lot of what Sonnia can do if she's by herself. But to damage flips on her is a pretty big deal. It means you have to cheat aggressively to get her on negatives even with HtW, and I feel is second biggest adjustment to how to deal with her beyond learning how to cope with No More Masks. I've had really good success with Yan Lo into Sonnia, not so much with anyone else I tried Mei Fang, but Sonnia can blast off melee, so that's not a feature. Yeah she may not want to be there always, but if you're turtling up, it could very well be worth it to charge in and blast 3 times. Spreading out and getting her isolated seems to have worked the best for me. Crime Bosses seem like they could be solid counters. They're HtW with a really solid heal and can't be lured by the belle that is most likely there with the Domador. Fuhatsu is strong, as he's Armor 2 and HtW which basically forces the Sonnia player to focus or use papa if they want to capitalize on his def 4. Even on Ca9, they get to a 22 on a 13. You just need to get to 12 to force the negative, which takes an 8 (puts them on a straight + HtW). With his armor, she needs 3 hits at severe to take him out, assuming you don't stone. And can heal. He's very much theorycraft for me right now, but the last 2 times I've taken him out for a spin, he's done far better than I would have expected.
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