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I'm going all in on the cult, so I'm just getting Horace (whom I think I'll be using more with the Cult, as I like the Frenzy as a squad commander and feel that the Stormsiren's control is needed more) and the Yarazi. With that and and everything else in the Duel commander pledge, that gets me to a 50s two commander game...  Depending on how far we get, I might also get an Egg clutch and the Eel (that model looks great!)

Oh... my poor wallet... :(

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Horomatangi, Devouring Eel and one or two squads. One will be Yarazi and I was fairly set on Barbed Crawlers but I like the reinforcement idea behind the Speckled Crawlers. Might just save a bit more and throw both of those squads in since I'm so close to going all in anyway.

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10 hours ago, -Loki- said:

I'm willing to wait on egg clutches and morphlings if we don't get them. They're cheap enough that I can grab them one at a time with other purchases while I play some games and decide how many I want.

Fair enough, I personally want one just to fill in a list that's a few scrip shy of full. And I'm sure it'll be fun to start the game with one far out and then hatch it to tie up some important fire team. 

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