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Anti - neverborn tactics


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Depends on the Pandora you're looking at.  Liquid Bravery isn't a bad idea in general against Neverborn, but it depends on the master you're using against her.  If you have other useful (0) actions, then it isn't going to do much good.

Your absolute best option against Pandora is going to be Zipp.  I'd probably consider him to be the perfect counter to her, out of all factions.  His Ml attack is against Ht, so she can't push to reposition herself, and you get to place her wherever you want to, mitigating her ability to easily use Misery.


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As everybody said in here, liquid bravery is the way to go, especially if you're planning to go aggressive with your master.

In general tho, I found out by playing regularly with a good neverborn player that the 2 master whith which I perform the best are Somer and Zipp (even tho everyone aside from ulix can do well). They're both really versatile, offer good offensive power and don't generally need more than a couple of beater, so that let you space for some of those good ol' cheap pieces il bayou and stuffed (consider that the average neverborn crew is composed by 8 to 9 pieces if he's not going full elite), which gives you a really good advantage during early turns, if you know how to use it.

Also, remember that our enforcers and henchmen usually have a more than average wp (for example Francois and Burt) so, especially against pandora, this Usually help a lot.

On the "how to actually fight them" side, I noticed that neverborn rely way more than often on hard to wound/kill+terrifying, in order to compensate for their low Df and hp value, which really put us on the upper hand once you start to make his hand run down. To give more context, even tho Teddy is a hella of a menace, that Df 3 is gonna hurt vs people like Burt and Francois, which can easily deal 4 min damage for 3 time, or even a squad of bayou (if they can pass the terror check), and if he wants to keep him alive and start using cards, suddenly those Df 7 of kade,pandora, Lilith start to get accessible (another point of advantage to low ss units, since they give you the time to use your important pieces when you need them, with maybe a couple of 13 missing from your enemy hand).

Last thing is to keep in mind is that neverborn pieces are generally really slow (average walk of 5 with some pushes) so units like 1 mate, zipp and trixie can sometime be really distructive (in a game I held 2 illuminated in their deployment just by having trixie flashing at them and some luck on my side).

Hope this helped ;)

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