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Brewmaster Expansion.


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Hello guys,

I am fairly new to Malifaux and have been attracted by the aesthetics of the Gremlin crew Brewmaster so I picked up the starter box! Now I don't know where to go... I have read on here that he isn't the best crew for a beginner so I was wondering what other Master box would be a good addition to expand them to either use the models from the box with a different master - or to use the models within the new box with Brewmaster. Whilst I know he is Ten Thunder too I really want to stay in the Gremlin line as I favour playing this for greater sense of fun over achievement / tournament play.


Any help would be appreciated and I will be scouring this thread for hints on how/when to play him.


Thank you.

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I'd discounted Brewmaster for a long time because I didn't find him fun but I've recently come across a slightly different way of playing him that I prefer.

The temptation with Brewie is to focus on the Drinking Contest - get a bunch of enemies all bundled up around the Brewmaster, and force Wp duels on everything they do. Trixiebelle is your number one model there (from Mah's box) because she lets you cheat your initiative flip, to insure that you will always (or nearly always) get to activate Brewmaster first and pop that bubble. This is kind of the traditional way and it definitely works. You'd also want some cheaper scheme runners and probably a beater or two. Burt Jebsen makes an amazing beater and is a fantastic addition to any Gremlin collection. Bayou Gremlins (from Som'er's box) or Lightning Bugs (from Wong's box) are also great scheme running choices and would be good here.


What I like to do instead is use Drinking Contest opportunistically, if there's a good time to use it then definitely use it. I focus on using Brewmaster's Swill attack to put an enemy on :-fates, then overwhelm them with attacks that they can't cheat against. I like to use Bayou Gremlins because they're cheap, can hit quite hard for their cost, and have Bayou Two Card which reduces the strain on your hand. So my suggestion if you like this idea is to get Som'er's box. Lenny is also a good addition because he is immune to conditions (i.e. Poison) so he can make use of Brewmaster's bar without any downsides, as well as Brewie can use his (0) to push towards Lenny without also giving Lenny poison. Som'er also works with basically any models in the faction, so you can always run him with Brewie's box too. You could also run this idea with Wong's box and use Lightning Bugs instead of Bayou Gremlins, but I don't think it lends itself quite as well.


Basically, my suggestion is Som'er's box or Wong's if you like it more. I'd also suggest picking up a box of Slop Haulers too, they're a staple Gremlin model and work well anywhere.

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4 hours ago, Four_N_Six said:

We threw ideas around pretty well in this thread. Nothing finalized, but the general idea is there and it makes Brewmaster more competitive than people generally think he is. 

As noted in the thread that spawned that thread, I've been using Brewski like that for a long time and I still don't think he is all that good :D Better than the tarpit version but still not very good. Using, e.g., Ophelia cuts out the middleman - instead of debuffing with Brew and killing with someone, you simply kill with Ophelia :P 

Oh, and I think that the best Brewmaster thread on this forum is this one By @Tiny (it is, unfortunately, rather old so doesn't include Wave 3/4 stuff but even with that caveat it is awesome):


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