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Who is the best anti-resser resser?

Anung Un Rama

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Anyone that can smash her face lickity split.

I've lost Reva twice in 30 odd games and those have been the whole, molly gets pulled by a belle, walks, walks, summons a rando model 5' away, it dies, bete pops up and charges Reva, paralyzes her, then the whole crew goes after her *Yawn*.

Target her DF, she'll be an unhappy camper. 

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13 hours ago, Morgy said:

OK so what is the best resser counter to Reva then? Apart from Reva....McMOurning?

Muhauahua as a leader upgrade is a huge counter to Reva. Take all those corpses she is creating, and turn them into your models rather than places she can attack from. 

Carrion effigy, Nicodem, Guild autopsy, Spare parts, Toshiro, Sebastian all have ways to make use of corpse markers on the board, and so reduce her attack vectors. 

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I like Reva and McM when Resurrectionists are declared. Also Vincent and his Crossbow can be useful as it ignores our defences mostly.

Vs Reva I find Corpse Bloat great, especially with Seamus and Sinister Rep. Shield bearers need an 11 to avoid the explosion and die once they are hit... which drops a corpse marker for you to do it again :D Seamus' gun also targets Reva's weaker defence. 


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