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  1. TheTrans

    New Hoffman

    Mate, that is the sort of thing most hoff lifts rely on. Cute maybe, but it is a thing. Emissary is almost a universal take for Hoffman, giving you Df6 and Sh6, you then add in 2 more big beaters. Hoff activates, gets a free looped in agent ( Emissary), then loop for 1AP (make sure you get a tome somewhere) then get the free one off. You then have 2 AP left with Hoff. Don't activate hoff until end of turn 2.
  2. TheTrans

    Viktoria obliteration

    Reva on a roof...not even kidding.. easy fix.
  3. TheTrans

    Reva wrecking face?

    Yeah, it shocks a lot of people the first time around..
  4. TheTrans

    Reva wrecking face?

    Have a read of the FAQ'd Decaying Aura mate...
  5. TheTrans

    Reva wrecking face?

    Well I'm glad to hear the posers aren't doing it too often
  6. TheTrans

    Reva wrecking face?

    @Palooka = Allan? Have people started copying 'the' Reva list have they?
  7. TheTrans

    Reva wrecking face?

    Seems like a lot of stones/work for the model. Could you not just have Reva do her normal stuff turn 1 spit out a corpse candle and have it killed by something un exciting(1 Corpse), get a hound to dig up a bone (2 Corpses), Carrion Emmisary puts a corpse near by (3 Corpses) then when Reva next activates, kill the new corpse candle (4) then summon the rogue. Still seems a lot of work for what you need.
  8. More conversion/modeling articles like back in the old white dwarfs!!
  9. TheTrans

    Hoffman: which Christmas gift for him?

    Yeah magic number for looped constructs is 3: 1 Auto Loop, 1Ap Loop w/ Trigger.
  10. TheTrans

    Hoffman: which Christmas gift for him?

    @Franchute Sure is mate. Based on the Hoff Avatar. Greenstuff Cape, Scratch built head, shield, chimneys on back etc.
  11. TheTrans

    Hoffman: which Christmas gift for him?

    Good move, here is my Hoff-Brutal Emissary.
  12. TheTrans

    The King's Empire Discussion

    As an Aussie, I endorse this.
  13. TheTrans

    Anyone had much success with Hayreddin?

    Why do people want positive flips on Reva's damage track? I find one of the things that makes her so powerful is the low range of 3 (4 if you've got the corpses) as you can just math your way through murdering a model. Like I get, a certain positive here, or there is great, but not so much for Reva IMHO.
  14. TheTrans

    Nicodem woes.

    No thoughts on shield bearers for nico? Dismember and the mid-death corpse drop as well as a possible late game stone? I realise they are living..but still...