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Autumn Knights with Pandora


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I never run illuminated with Pandora. I focus more on misery and her being an absolute bitch in close combat. That being said, I'm looking forward to trying the knights. I'd already planned on throwing some staple Pandora models in with Titania, so it makes sense that it works relatively well the other way

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2 hours ago, santaclaws01 said:

If you aren't running Illuminated you should switch out the Beckoner for Lilitu as well.

If you are taking the model only for lure, I could see it but I actually prefer the Beckoner with Pandora as their Promise attack is a Wp duel.  Thanks to Misery it does decent damage and as it lacks a gun icon I don't have to worry about Randomization.  Lilitu is better at luring, but with Pandora the Beckoner is better at attacking.  Also with the trigger on their Lure you can get extra movement when you are using them first turn to move your own models.

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On 16.08.2016 at 3:51 PM, MetaphoricDragn said:

I'm actually pondering that the 0 actions of the knights might be enough of a lure in a lot of cases.

The opponent places his models so there's 1 milimeter of hight 1 cover obstructing the push. :P

Lure is Lure. ;)

On 15.08.2016 at 4:15 PM, Mazin1 said:

Hey all. I know they are new but what are your thoughts on adding the Autumn Knights with Pandora. I know the Illuminated are next to auto include but are the Knights a better choice with Pandora?

Pandora-Illuminated auto include thesis aside I don't think the aforementioned minions have similar roles. The Illuminated are heavy hitters with significant resistance to attriction warfare thanks to their healing actions and abilities. The Autumn Knights are tanky control models with pathetic damage tracks. They're more resistant to concentrated attacks than the Illuminated, but without means to heal themselves they will succumb to war of attriction without support.

That being said I can see a number of scenarios where the Knights may be better hiring choices than the Illuminated. They're better when Public Demonstration is in play. They can contribute greatly to schemes like set up or detonate the charges (The Thorn especially). The Tooth can be priceless in Guard the Stash with her built-in pushes and durability. Yes, the Illuminated does hit hard, but the enemy will likely send tough models near the Stash Marker, so pushes are more AP-efficient in VP denial strategy.

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