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Best Lilith Upgrades


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I'm trying to build a 35 and 50 SS list with Lilith but I only have the upgrades from the Mother of Monsters box. Are those good enough for now? The closest LGS is an hour away without traffic so I don't have easy access to any arsenal packs. Will I still have game as is?

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From the Mother of Monsters box, I'd stick Obsidian Talons on Barbaros, as everything in her box have a built-in :mask so upon flipping a second mask, you can cheat that damage flip if you're on a negative. Given how often that comes up, you can really lay down the hurt. Wicked Mistress pairs well with Living Blade, as if any model ends that push within 1" of Lily, she gets a free attack. Not only that, but the model is now in black blood range.

Beckon Malifaux is good, as Lilith can charge through the markers without penalty and having access to two 0 actions is nice, especially if near her totem. Generally I'll take Living Blade, Wicked Mistress and Beckon Malifaux, as already said Lillith works well with her own upgrades.

Hope this helps!

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