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Shoot and heal


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Hi guys!

I'm search for a healer, but didn't find anything, Freikorps Librarian can't do more than 1 time and Silent One is 0Ap so Colette cant use in promt... Hate the fucking Ress and his Nurses xD

And this go to step number2, lately I only play vs massive gunlines ShenLong + Sensei + Thosiro + x2 Katana (4 Concentrate shots 28"), or Guild Lucius + Dashel + x3 Shotters, or Trappers + Hans... and  can't handle this, my Howard die before engage and other things... 

What can i do? I think Arcanist is a powerful faction but, take a lot dmg from range atack and can't have range for response or healers...

Kind regards


P.D.: Yes Raspi can go good vs this list, but obv I didn't know they go play that list...

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There's Johan, but his heal is a (2) action, so I think he won't help you much either. Ramos has access to a heal as well, but it's pretty costly to use and obviously can't be used with Colette either. Myranda can heal Beasts, but benefiting from that would obviously require you turning Howard into a beast. Then there's also Orderlies, whose heal is also (2) action, and Sloth, whose heal slows the target.

You are probably better off using Mobile Toolkit to give Howard extra Armor +1, re-examining the amount of terrain you are using in your games, or learning to play better against ranged crews.

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Mei Feng is a good master if you,re having ranged issues. Her steam cloud makes life a lot harder for the opponent.

Malifaux raptors can drop in at the end of the turn to engage models, giving you a couple of activations while they deal with them.

And finally, use much more terrain, especially forests and buildings to block los.

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9 hours ago, Mrbedlam said:

Very much what is stated above. I played against Perdita in a tournament saturday where the board had mostly cover, very little blocking and got wiped. Had any of that cover been blocking, would have been a very different game.

You should have gone with the dreaded Mei Feng plus Hoarcats combo....

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