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  1. MalifauxMartin

    WickerFaux - 11th August, York

    Ticket bought.
  2. MalifauxMartin

    The guild at ITC

    I was the Guild player for Yorkfaux. We played the winners on the top table in the final round. We lost our first round to USA then won 3 to be beaten by Krakowball. I played Nellie round 1 , and Justice for the rest. They are my main masters normally, as I've not been playing guild long. I swapped from gremlins for this GG season. Justice worked well vs Asami in Symbols of authority, and beat Marcus in Public Executions. She also did bad things to Nellie in a guild off in round 2. I lost hard in the final vs Hamelin due to a really bad decision to give my opp the choice of deployment. He had a shooty crew and the terrain screwed me. Can't say much about other Guild players choices as I was concentrating on my own team. I will point out that the format meant you know what master each player is using before building the crew. That tends to force players away from masters that can be countered easily. If you know you're playing Hoffman, you're going to take anti-armour etc etc. I think Nellie is probably not just one of our best masters, but also hard to counter.
  3. MalifauxMartin

    ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    So, how bout that match-up process?😉
  4. MalifauxMartin

    ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    Whilst this is an interesting discussion, the TOs silence on the issue makes me think its wishful thinking... I would be surprised (pleasantly, granted) if the matchup system was changed.
  5. MalifauxMartin

    ITC 2018 - 26-27th of May 2018 at Element Games, UK

    So am i reading it right, the matchups are totally blind? No strategies like last year, just choosing terrain preference for each player?
  6. MalifauxMartin

    Be My Wyrdtine @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/02/18

    Paid. Looking forward to it. Will try to rustle up some more York chaps.
  7. MalifauxMartin

    Good Old Rider

    I'm not sold. Even at 10ss he seems a bit...meh. I mean, when you look at what we can get for 8ss...frank, phiona, jury etc. Its a hard sell. But it is a great model so I'll be happy to be proved wrong.
  8. MalifauxMartin

    Inescapable trap scoring

    I would agree
  9. MalifauxMartin

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    The rulespack was posted in the LOEH thread, so didn't see it. Minimum requirement is undercoat.
  10. MalifauxMartin

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    Just to check, i assume theres no painting requirements?
  11. MalifauxMartin

    Masters Invitational - 27/28 Jan 2018

    I'll be there. Martin Jones
  12. MalifauxMartin

    Nellie’s new upgrades

    I really liked swapping schemes. There have been times when setup becomes an easy 3 pts mid game, but you didn't take it. In some scheme pools it won't be useful, but in most it can win the game I think.
  13. MalifauxMartin

    Help with McCabe

    Hey all. I've got Nightmare McCabe on the way. He'll be my second guild master after Nellie. My question is what does he do that Nellie can't? In which pools would you take him over Nellie? And do you have any model combos/key models I should start with? Thanks
  14. MalifauxMartin

    Nellie’s new upgrades

    I tried the scheme swap one (forget the name) instead of guild funds in my last game. It was amazing. It let me take public demo, which I would never normally consider, and then swap to entourage when it inevitably went wrong.
  15. MalifauxMartin

    A Gremlin's Luck - 11th November - York

    Yep, one left...