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You WILL Obey me


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HI folks,

thinking of running a 'fun' list to get the best out of Obey.


Zoraida with Crystal Ball (2ss) and Tarot Reading (2ss)

Mysterious Emissary (10ss) with Conflux of Fate (0ss)

Doppleganger (7ss)

Hannah (11ss)

Vasilisa (9ss)

Nurse (6ss)

Planning on bringing the voodoo doll out using Z's action and hopefully getting a few Changelings off the Emissary.


Has anybody tried this before and if so how did it go? it looks like it could really mess with an opponents head!

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May I ask you why are you using Tarot Reading?
You are running Nurse so you do not need it for (1) Mend nor are you hiring any out of faction Swampfiend models.

I would advise you to drop it and hire:

  • Terror Tot for scheme running - you can Obey them to (1) Sprint and thus walk up to 10"
  • Iggy for more control - (0) Incite and Burning for Voodoo Doll
  • or you can already start with one Changeling
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