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Welsh Grand Tournament - (daffcon singles event) 08/04/16


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Welcome guys n gals

As you may know, theres a Scottish and an English GT, its time we had a Welsh GT too

The event will be run at Firestrom games as part of the Daffcon extravaganza

32 player limit

4 rounds

Fixed faction or dual master

Will follow GG 2016 with a few minor tweaks (mostly concerning rules on proxies etc but possibly a shake up on strats if theres a specific rotation)

If you havent already got a weekend ticket for this event, why not? go now and pick one up right now. Or pick yourself up a day pass, tickets are available please follow link below



There will be the usual podium positions and depending onm sign ups hopefully some more tin cups!

Hope to see you there!

Rough timings for the day

900 09:30 Reg
09:30 11:30 Game 1
11:50 13:50 Game 2
13:50 14:30 Break
14:30 16:30 Game 3
16:50 18:50 Game 4




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12 minutes ago, KoboldThief said:

Tried to get myself booked in but its not registering my account has a friday ticket yet... Will try again in the morning though :D

Was it just a single day ticket you bought. You can't register until next Monday with the one day passes. It's only open to the Vip and 3 day passes to sign up at the moment. 

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Hi there,

I bought the daffcon VIP weekend pass and signed up to the malifaux related events on Saturday and Sunday. I cannot see the Malifaux singles event on the Friday. Does this mean the tournament is full? If there are still available spaces please can you sign me up or direct me to the necessary page please.




Paul Hansell

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Rules pack? Do people actually read them ?

I hadn't planned on doing one tbf

Gaining grounds 2016 covers everything well enough.

The only tweaks made are a leniancy on proxies, basically anything goes following rule of cool (best practice is too bring along the actual model just incase opponent is unhappy) 

Painted - be better if your crews were but I'm not gonna stop people playing toy soldiers if they aren't ... They must however be assembled appropriately.

I expect strats etc will follow the rotation, but I may shake it up on the day (like to keep people.on their toes)

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