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  1. Will do, thanks.
  2. Hi guys. Since this obviously cannot go ahead please can you refund the tickets now? Thanks.
  3. Do all models need to be painted please? Thanks
  4. Just bought two tickets but didn't see anywhere to enter names. They're for myself (Michael 'Jonah' Rees) and Christopher Williams . They were on an order with a Marcus core box and Altered Beasts if that helps. Thanks
  5. Agree, good day and well organised. Would have liked a bit more room around the tables for cards/tokens etc. but that's because I've been spoiled by Firestorm Games! Will be down next time you run an event.
  6. jonahmaul

    UK Nationals 2017

    Yeah, sorry dude I just copy and pasted and didn't think of the teachers not using their real names clause! Liam James should be Liam Coupland please Mike.
  7. jonahmaul

    UK Nationals 2017

    Hi Mike, nine tickets purchased which should be in the following names: Michael (aka Jonah) Rees Jon McCarthy Neil Harrison Michael Green Dominic Westerland Liam James Rob Tozer Jay Walters Alex Williams
  8. Pretty sure?! We've been friends over half our life, I'd hope you were more sure than that! Bert is correct. I am one and the same (and I've definitely only paid once!).
  9. Thanks. Totally thinking of having all five players play five different factions across the event!
  10. A sensible decision! If I'm reading the rulespack correctly (and I may not be, I am tired!) each player doesn't have to play the same faction throughout the tournament so long as there's five different factions represented in each round right? So I could play Ressers one round then Neverborn the next while another team member could play Guild then take over the Resser mantle for the next round?
  11. Sorry but Master bans is an awful idea. Telling somebody they can't play a game with models they've bought then gone to the effort of painting and bringing with them is terrible.
  12. Those Are Not Ours is fantastic. Being able to get a card and a SS for a nearly dead model can be awesome and it can also be used tactically to deny enemy models certain strats and schemes. I like using the Emissary with McMourning so I can turn a shitty Mindless Zombie into a card and SS every turn (after the first)!
  13. Great, I try to use painted when I can but it restricts which factions I can play a little more.
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