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59 minutes ago, lusciousmccabe said:

Doesn't Mah also have something that lets her draw when your dudes die?

It's one of her chores, I think if you got tomes for initiative?

Old Cranky also lets you discard and draw, and Ulix's clobberin stick lets you draw a card as a (1)

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I have done this with some success: So'mer summons with a card, then starting BG reckless, focus, focus(or just 1 focus if it is the summoned) shoot. likely kill themselves if you can get a ram in there, then so'mer draws 2 cards, sammy lets you draw a 3rd and discard 1. 

So cost of 1 master AP, 1 card you get 2/3 cards back and a dumb luck shot.  Fun when it works with biggest hat too. 

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