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  1. I am very excited to announce the 2018 dates for the Ultimate Team Showdown. The event will be at the Crowne Plaza in Newton, MA (just minutes from Boston and Logan Airport) on July 14th and 15th. We had 40 players last year and expect even more this time around. The venue has capacity for up to 20 teams (80 players). Ultimate Team Showdown (UTS) is a 5 round, 2 day, 4 person team event in Newton,MA. This event is designed to bring teams of players together in an environment that is both competitive and social for the Malifaux community. The team and matchup process is in place to add some different challenges to how we typically play games at tournaments and affects master and crew selections. To that end, we have included long round times (2.5 Hours) and we will be putting together a scoring mechanic that rewards team spirit and hobby efforts as well as crushing your opponents on the table. While teams will only be required to have a unique name, teams will be highly encouraged to have shirts, displays, costumes, props, etc. Some more details are on the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1837003036597693/ Updated details will be coming in the next few months, but for an overview, here is last years rules packet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KS_M_GQGMScMWoELEioaGkMok_4-Wa20V1nH7RjDpyk/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Very excited to share the rules pack for the upcoming event near Boston MA: https://ultimateteamshowdown.tumblr.com/or facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1254938704596952/We have many teams already, but have room for more. If you don't have a team of 4, we also have a Merc list of partial teams or individuals, both local and from all over.
  3. Tickets Now On Sale! Ticket Prices: $240 for each team before May 10th and $260 after May 10th. A non playing Coach ticket is $20 (due to lunch included and swag). We will reserve spots with an email to: Ultimateteamshowdown@gmail.com. Please include the following information in the signups: Team Name (can be a placeholder for the time being) Captian (Main contact for the team) Name of team members if available Nonplaying coach Payment should be via paypal jehankin@gmail.com Please include your captain's name and team name in the note Please send as to family/friends to avoid fees. YOUR SPOT IS ONLY GUARANTEED WHEN PAYMENT IS RECEIVED! We have finalized some of the goodies and at a minimum we are including: Lunch 1 day will be provided Free beer! We will be getting a keg or 2 that will be first come first serve and free for all team members and coaches. Swag just for showing up- currently working with some partner sponsors to provide some great freebies for all! Prizes and Trophies! If you want to sign up for the Mercenary list, please email Ultimateteamshowdown@gmail.com Include: Name, Location (State is fine), factions you are willing to play and a contact email. This will be share with other Mercs and any team looking to fill out numbers. Contact Information: Twitter @UltTShowdown - Follow for polls and updates. Facebook @Ult Showdown Email at Ultimateteamshowdown@gmail.com Webpage at: https://ultimateteamshowdown.tumblr.com/ Hotel Information: The event will take place at the Crowne Plaza in Newton, MA. The room rate should be $129/night (+taxes, fees, etc) The room Block can be accessed here: Booking Link: Tabletop Tournament Don’t forget to select the check in and check out date (between July 14 – July 16) before clicking “BOOK”, you are also welcome to reserve your room through our Central Reservation Office at 1-866-257-7857 using the group code TAT. This Block will close on June 1st!!! You can cancel for free, so book early please.
  4. Hi All, We have a big update on what this team event is shaping up to look like. Instead of coping everything, here is the link: https://ultimateteamshowdown.tumblr.com/ Tickets will be going on sale in about 2 weeks. We have room for 22 teams and if we get that many, we can try to expand out to accommodate more. Contact for the event: Twitter @UltTShowdown - Follow for polls and updates. Facebook @Ult Showdown - Friend us to stay in the loop Email at Ultimateteamshowdown@gmail.com Webpage at: https://ultimateteamshowdown.tumblr.com/
  5. We are pleased to announce a venue has been locked in for the 2017 Ultimate Team Showdown. Initial details are as follows: This will be a 2 day, 5 round, 4 person team event taking place at the Crowne Plaza in Newton. MA (15 minutes from Logan Airport and right off the Mass Pike) on July 15th and 16th 2017. Further details will be coming out in the months ahead, but get your team ready for a Showdown!
  6. While the schemes and strats haven't brought it to the table, I think 2 swine cursed + lucky emissary in A OOH GLOWY Wong list might have play. giving + to minions w/ in 4 makes your hand all about the other 25 SS you took and getting those pig rams. Also trixie can push/pull the lot and quantity of cards flipped with the swine 0 is likely to get the emissary up the field and waste 0 AP on moving. Haven't had the chance to play it, but i am always happy for + flips in gremlins and saving my hand. also regenning, min 4 dmg emissary with Ml 6 and 3 in range is nice.
  7. Very true, it is a liability anytime 3 models have to be in B2B. But with fly 12, the smoke blocking LOS if used with terrain and the ability for Earl and passager to head out after being moved, the time for the opponent to take advantage is limited and your placement is flexible.
  8. Don't forget, Earl moves with ANY friendly sky pirate walk. An Iron Skeeter playing taxi can move him as well (giving you 2 fly 6 inch places on 2 models for maybe 1 card). Leaving Zipp to do his thing solo. Sure you don't get the suit stuff for Zipp, but that is always very hard timing wise and you might get the tome for the Iron and have it guarantee fast on its passenger.
  9. Played a few games with him and I agree is is a blast to play with lots of things that he can do in most situations. With Sparks, a stuffed opens up a ton of options including same setup but noxious smoke so the stuffed is just 2 away and Zipp is blocked off then shooting/melee stuffed with Zipp and then get the blasts to hit things that the -2 walk and no charge or 0's. So if they live they aren't doing much... Also avoids pesky high defenses and most DF triggers and does a great job of neutering a lot of models. I love using the smoke to be placed to pen in a rng 1 Ml model pretty well and still be in Zipps engage of 2. also another fun fact is he can take the drop attack as a disengaging strike against high DF models.
  10. RL stuff came up. Very unlikely to make it. Bad news for me, good news for any BRTT attendees as no practice game makes a jack a dullboy.
  11. One of my favorite Somer moments was playing against dreamer. Dreamer summoned 3 stitched together and wasn't able to heal them. Moved them up together to hold me at bay. A push of Somer with a squeal from a bayou gremlin shot and Somer engaged all 3. A do it like dis crow and 3 attacks later I had Somer and 3 Piglets coming right back at him. So many people forget about that trigger and it is great.
  12. I am planning on going as well.
  13. Slight side note and this might be common knowledge but am I reading Encouragement right that if you take a charge action you get + to both attack duels? As the attacks are resulting from the charge (2) action which was encouraged? If so makes RR encouragement pretty great if you can position things right with ++ to attack and + to dmg on ML 6...
  14. I played one recently with all pigs that was great: Old Major, Gracie, Sow and a stuffed pig... Lots of fun and pretty strong with nudging heal triggers
  15. Rhadge

    card draw

    I have done this with some success: So'mer summons with a card, then starting BG reckless, focus, focus(or just 1 focus if it is the summoned) shoot. likely kill themselves if you can get a ram in there, then so'mer draws 2 cards, sammy lets you draw a 3rd and discard 1. So cost of 1 master AP, 1 card you get 2/3 cards back and a dumb luck shot. Fun when it works with biggest hat too.
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