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More than 5 mindless zombies?


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I'm not playing that long so I can't clearly say I need more than 5. But I've heard of some players that they have 6-9 zombies later in the game to keep some masters busy or some...But thank you guys, I'll try to find the blister.


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With Nicodem, at the end of some games against other living/undead factions i can easily have 5+ mindless zombies. But it's a corner case. You could always use proxies at that point or just keep the corpse marker and place another marker under/on top of it to show it's a mindless. Up to you. I dont care for some of the sculpts in the mindless zombie pack myself. Might find cheaper/different proxies for my 6-10. 

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I didn't attach the mindless zombie that came with the Nicodem model for a free sixth mindless zombie model. The same could be done with the one from Yan Lo as well if you feel you want a seventh. I've had more than five mindless zombies out at a time while playing Nicodem, but they usually last less than one turn anyways so I wasn't too inclined to purchase additional figures.

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