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Looking for One-Shot, non-Malifaux players


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So my current gaming group is going on a hiatus from D&D and I came up with the idea of showing off other systems. Main idea is we will have mini-campaigns lasting either one or two sessions and then go to the next game.

My players have no experience in Malifaux and I would like to play a Penny Dreadful that shows off the world of Malifaux and can be done in a few sessions. Any recommendations?

The only Penny Dreadful I have experience with is the Halloween one, but seeing as how the holiday has passed I don't want to do that one.

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Here are the one-shot Penny Deadfuls and a few brief notes about them:


Recruitment Drive: This is a pretty simple little romp where the Fated end up fighting some Iron Zombies. It was intended for Free RPG Day '15, so it's written with the intent of being pretty easy for people who don't know anything about Malifaux to pick up.

In the Gutter: This adventure involves down-on-their-luck Fated coming into contact with the Neverborn, possibly for the first time. It's a pretty good adventure to show players that there are "bad things" out there in the world of Malifaux. I ran it for a couple groups at Origins '15, most of whom didn't know anything about Malifaux and commented afterwards that they were interested in the world afterwards. It does require a bit of set up in explaining just what Malifaux is, though.

Legacy of Darkness: As Dirial noted, this adventure starts the Fated on Earth and brings them to Malifaux, so it puts new players in the same shoes as their characters when it comes to figuring out how Malifaux works. This was the GenCon '15 adventure for VIG players, so it was written with new players in mind.

Night of the Carver: Halloween horror adventure!  This one assumes that players have at least a passing understanding of Malifaux, and it can be pretty deadly if players don't really understand the system enough to gauge how deadly the Carver is when they first meet it.

Bad Blood: This one just went up yesterday! It's a pretty decent introductory adventure, in that it starts fairly normal and then leads players into the weird stuff, but it does assume that the players have at least a passing understanding of Malifaux (and players that know their Malifaux fluff will probably enjoy the references it contains a bit more than those who do not).


We've also got two longer Penny Dreadfuls, each composing about 4-5 sessions:


In Defense of Innocence: This is a bit of a "sandbox" adventure centered around the town of Innocence, deep in the Badlands. It's got a bit of a "frontier town" vibe to it and is really fun with groups that enjoy hanging out with townsfolk and talking to NPCs. The town's got a bunch of problems, and the Fated can help solve them (or make them worse).

Northern Aggression: This is the companion adventure to Into the Steam, though that book isn't required to enjoy the adventure. It plays out a bit like a blockbuster movie, and the Fated move across the Northern Hills as a simple investigation leads them to an explosive finale.

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