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My 1st Dreamer Game


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I played my 1st 50ss game with the Dreamer.  I played more of a summining Dreamer with Mr Tannen


- Dreams of pain

- Otherworldly 

- Aether Comnection

2x Daydreams

Coppelius. - On Dreaming Wings

Teddy -  mimic something (to Sh one)

Mr  tannen. 



Turn one I was able to summon a  stitched together and healed it and dropped walking to zero. It's was nice to heal for 3 when Activating.  My opponent playing Von Schill with Hans and two trappers.  He was  concentrating on my Teddy.  

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to use the Tannen trick to summon a 2nd Teddy.  But turn 2 I got a 13 in my hand   I moved Tannen closer to the Dreamer and got the luck spell off. On Dreamers Turn I talked my opponent though what I needed to summon a teddy. Flipped my card and got a the Red Joker     Then heal heal, dropped waking to zero  activated Teddy regen and 3 heal.  

That was fun.  Felt a little bad for my opponent.  I would have really got him. If I had a 3rd Teddy model with the 13 :mask in my hand.  

Turn 4 my I brought LCB out and distroyed his Lazarus with a Disembowel. It took me to 2 try's to get it off while having a 13:crow in my hand.   1st try I ss for a  :ram flipped and cheated with a 8:tome.  DOH!!   My opponent resigned after that.  He had 4 VP and I had 6 VP at that time.  

I got to say having Wk 8 flying Coppelius was great for scheme runner.  

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Just think I should point this out, you can only summon Teddy with the 13:mask and Red Joker, not just any 13. Only reason I'm bringing this up is because you said you got "a 13", which makes me think you drew any of the non-:tome 13s, instead of the 13:mask.

As for Coppelius, he's definitely something else. Last week I had a game where he held down a table corner in Flank deployment almost singlehandedly(had help from a daydream and 1 other model that did like 4 damage total during the course of the game) against 2 Guild Hounds, a Warden and a Lawyer. after triple walking over there thanks to the Dreamer giving him fast. Game ended with him having like 4 Eyeballs, only down 2 wd and alone with the Lawyer the only enemy left alive over there. Who knew Guild Hounds had so many eyeballs for Coppelius to pluck?

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Yes..  I had a 13 :mask.   I typed it in via my phone.  The :mask must have not excepted.

Nice job on the Mr. Tannen trick.  How do you think your opponent could have better countered your evil plot?

Getting it off on Turn 2. I don't think there was really anything he could have countered it.  I started both the Dreamer and Tannen behind cover and them moved them forward behind a building.  The only way to stop it was to shoot Tannen turn one.  (Which he could if he lined his Trappers and Hans up to do it)  But he wanted the Teddy I brought dead.

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