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Lilith: is--as always--a tool box, and her versatile modus operandi can either kill models or use several crowd control actions. Nekima and Tuco are pretty good running mates for this strategy. Swampfiend Lilith with McTavish and Spawn Mother isn't that bad of a choice either. 

Dreamer: can either summon like crazy (a sea of Stitched), or have Chompy with melee expert reduce enemy numbers with a bunch of attacks. Daydreams will keep the activations up, so you can hire a fairly elite crew. 

Lynch: you will get a really powerful model for free (who can be hard to get rid of), which will open up a lot of freedom for hiring the crew. 


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Dreamer. Summoning very fast models that can relocate wherever you need to score is the best way to play it in my view. The twins, Insidious Madnesses and Coppelius can all to that really well. Summoning Dreamer is definitely my go-to for rec. Also it allows you to take whatever you need to accomplish the schemes and still be able to keep your numbers  up. I've run the swampfiend list before (Mctavish or Juju with infiltrating waldgeists) to try and pin down the opponent. Also seen people use Nekima a lot or run a list with a bunch of illuminated and depleted. Really anything goes crew construction wise, just make sure to get 3 insidious madnesses on the table to redeploy whereever you need more models. 

Lilith would prob be number two for me since she can manipulate the board so well, but more than any other strategy for me this one has a clear winner in Dreamer. 

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Simply, every master is fine (except Pandora). 

But I take Collodi, because he has cheapest totem-minions, Marionettes. (And he is my favorite master.) So if your opponent has not summoning master, you simply get and/or deny VP by numbers. If your opponent has summoning, you can deny him by Collodi's abilities for control.

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