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Tristate maliFaux League (NJ, NY, PA)!!!! 9/2015-11/2015


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Big announcement! We are going to be doing a large competitive league that will finish in a championship tournament from 9/14/15-11/28/15. Players will be split into conferences based on the local gamestore/ gaming group and will be scheduled for approximately 2 games a month within their own conference. Conference champions will come to Maplewood Hobby on 11/28/15 to compete in a tournament to determine the winner of the league. Single faction for both the league and tourney.


Suggested conferences at the moment are:

-Maplewood Hobby

-The Only Game in Town

-Arcana Toys, Games, and Hobbies

-Basement Jacks/ Toywiz

-South Jersey/ Enter the Realm (Philly)

-Nubrand/ Brooklyn

Conferences need to be a minimum of 4 players, maximum of 12. Based on Participation, conferences may be added or combined.

We have totally lucked out with sponsorship and prize support. We are sponsored by (and always looking for more sponsors):

Enter the Realm

Gadzooks Games

Tectonic Craft Studios

Advanced Deployment

Maplewood Hobby

The Only Game in Town

Underground Lasers

Arcana Toys, Games, and Hobbies

Through The Breach Podcast

Angry Mojo Games

Tentative Schedule:

All players will register with me prior to September 10th. I will come up with the first round of pairings for September and announced the schemes and strategy schedule.

September 14-Oct 4: first 2 games of the league

October 5th-October 25th: second 2 games of the league

October 26th-November 22nd: last 2 games of the league (champions and runners up decided).

November 28th: interconference championships held at Maplewood Hobby. There will also be a tournament open to all players who did not win their conference.

$10 entry per player. Can be pay palled or given to me in person ( will go entirely to prize support)

We have over $500 of prize support thanks to our amazing sponsors. League Champion will win a substantial amount of custom made prize support as well as their name engraved onto a custom plaque that they will get to display in their gamestore for one year until the next tristate league! Custom prize support to all conference champions. Raffle prizes open to all league participants. Gadzooks Games will also be providing a coupon and custom scheme marker to all league participants.

Lets make this HUGE and have a great time guys!

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Saved for sign up

South NJ:
Jim Pardini  (paid)
Lynden C  (paid)
Alyce E  (paid)
Will Farthing  (paid)
Dave K.  (paid)

Jacob F

Togit (Somerville NJ): (NJ Jackalopes)
George H  (paid)
Sandy H (paid)
Ben H.  (paid)
Justin B. (Paid)

Arcana (Washington, NJ):
Eric Koger (paid)
Donald Koger (paid)
Al J. (Paid)

george l (paid)

Ed M (paid)
Craig M.
Shawn M.
Zara F.   (paid)

Brooklyn/ nubrand:
Andrew W  (paid)

Ronen Y. (paid)
Arash A. (paid)
Will K.  (paid)
Jarrett M. (paid)

Jacob G (paid)

George T. (paid)

Josh N.  (paid)

Luke W.

David C. (paid)

Will P.  (paid)


Enter the Realm (PA):
Chris L. (Paid)  Neverborn

Brad (paid) Outcasts

Ken (paid) Arcanist

Rob (paid) Ressers

Mike (paid) Neverborn

Chris C (paid) Ten Thunders

Charles (paid) Guild

Jack (paid) Gremlins

Tom (paid) Guild

Toy wiz/ Basement Jacks (NY/NJ):
Brian S. (Paid)

Lou P. (paid)

Sebastian P. (paid)

Evil Josh (Paid)

Raul L. (paid)

Timt T (paid)

eric g. (Paid)

Matt B (paid)

Long Island (Brothers Grim):
Bill S (paid)
Scott W (paid)
Jay C (paid
Denis G (paid)
Brian S  (paid)
Greg S  (paid)
Vincent S  (paid)
John L  (paid)
Stephen G. (paid)
Leah G. (paid)

Roy G. (paid)

Tabletop Games/ New England:
Manny A  (paid)

Mary M. (paid)

Josh L (paid)

John C. (paid)

Adam T. (paid)

Steve W. (paid)

Maplewood (NJ):
Dexter E.
Dave B.

Rob K.  (paid)

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I have heard from both Enter the Realm and Mary from Tabletop Games, both are finalizing some player lists for me, and will have enough for their own conferences!  


I am also ready to start accepting payment for league.  $10 pay palled (preferably as a gift, otherwise with a few dollars added for fees) to cmweinst@gmail.com (also feel free to do a group payment and name all who are paying in the notes), or $10 handed to me in person (at Togit most Tuesdays and Thursdays, at Arcana most Sundays).  I will mark your name as paid as soon as I receive payment.


All Payment Goes Towards League Prizes (including some door prizes that you can win simply by being in the league!)

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Payments have been coming in!  Don't miss out and get yourself in on the biggest league to hit the US so far!!!!  All entries go straight to prize support, and we are adding a terrific amount of prize support from our sponsors.  Simply registering for the league is enough to get you entered for on of several raffle prizes.

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