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  1. Remember Armourcon Oct 11-13 in Framingham, MA. Full weekend of Malifaux events. First stop major stop of the US Faux Tour in New England. You are not going to want to miss this. https://www.facebook.com/events/399699357568194/?ti=icl
  2. Try to remember this. This will be Book 1 of a third edition. There needs to be room to grow and make new models. It would not surprise me in the slightest if in a future book there are new masters for the subsets. Asylum, Half-blood, etc.
  3. Considering you can Concentrate and push 4 inches then blow a hole in your target and push back, I don’t see a real problem.
  4. Towards what target? There is no range.
  5. If it is limited to Mindless zombies just remove Special Disposition from the card. It is a waste of card space.
  6. Fail to see how a 5ss model with pseudo-Obey is a bad thing.
  7. Plan your jumps ahead of time and pre-measure to ensure proper placement. Get your chi high enough where getting it off is almost a guarentee. Maximise your pushes (ie, from a soul porter or Datsue Ba). If you absolutely need one model tied up don't be afraid to daisy chain. Dance a model into something closer, then dance that model again into something farther into your back field. Yan Lo will start pretty much where he left off and your opponent's model will be 16" from where it started.
  8. I have found running his minions in kill teams is really effective. Generally, I have a beckoner, depleted and Illuminated run together. Becky walks, lures the depleted and pushes forward. Illuminated double walks. Depleted double walks and pushes towards becky or illuminated. If I take two such kill teams, that makes 6 models near mid field by the end of turn 1. I know people tend to crap all over beckoners but I find them absolutely invaluable in a Lynch crew. Also, always take burying Huggy. Being able to recklessly launch him at a juicy model or just to jam is silly. Lynch is probably one of, if not the, best at running entirely in theme.
  9. Generally take spirit beacon on Datsue Ba. Yan Lo deals severe, which would kill the Seishin. She takes a point of damage to prevent the death. Second attack kills the Seishin. Three Chi Turn 1.
  10. Molly seems like she would be synergestic with her. Summoning Drowned and triggering to paralyze. Also putting someone on negative everything makes Ama's Ml5 a non issue.
  11. Exactly. I've been using it on Seishin in my Resser Yan Lo.
  12. You do because Spirit Barrage says you do. It takes two attacks but by the end of the turn you get three chi. One for start of activation discard, one for the severe, one for the kill. Its the effect of the attack that is giving him the chi, not the front of the card bubble.
  13. I used Nuka Cola caps as scheme markers if that helps.
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