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Found 6 results

  1. The Crossroads GT is happening September 16-18th this year in Elmira, NY. Saturday the 17th we'll be running a one day 2016 Gaining Grounds tournament. Depending on turn out it will either be 3 or 4 rounds. Sunday the 18th we'll be running a henchmen hardcore event! Details can be found here: http://www.crossroads-gt.com/malifaux.html There are other games being played over the weekend as well including X-wing and Warhammer so you can play in one day of one of those games and another day of Malifaux. Painting is not going to be required for this event. If you have questions about anything feel free to respond here or PM me! All the best, Noah
  2. A small group of casual Malifaux players in the Capital District are starting up a weekly playtime at local game store on Thursday evenings after 5. The last Thursday of the month will be a $5 buy-in tournament style game. Winner gets a gift card of the total for use at the store. We are also thinking about running a campaign the rest of the month. So if you live in or around the Capital District Area near Albany, NY, and are interested, send me a post, I'll give you all the details.
  3. Big announcement! We are going to be doing a large competitive league that will finish in a championship tournament from 9/14/15-11/28/15. Players will be split into conferences based on the local gamestore/ gaming group and will be scheduled for approximately 2 games a month within their own conference. Conference champions will come to Maplewood Hobby on 11/28/15 to compete in a tournament to determine the winner of the league. Single faction for both the league and tourney. Suggested conferences at the moment are: -Maplewood Hobby -The Only Game in Town -Arcana Toys, Games, and Hobbies -Basement Jacks/ Toywiz -South Jersey/ Enter the Realm (Philly) -Nubrand/ Brooklyn Conferences need to be a minimum of 4 players, maximum of 12. Based on Participation, conferences may be added or combined. We have totally lucked out with sponsorship and prize support. We are sponsored by (and always looking for more sponsors): Enter the Realm Gadzooks Games Tectonic Craft Studios Advanced Deployment Maplewood Hobby The Only Game in Town Underground Lasers Arcana Toys, Games, and Hobbies Through The Breach Podcast Angry Mojo Games Tentative Schedule: All players will register with me prior to September 10th. I will come up with the first round of pairings for September and announced the schemes and strategy schedule. September 14-Oct 4: first 2 games of the league October 5th-October 25th: second 2 games of the league October 26th-November 22nd: last 2 games of the league (champions and runners up decided). November 28th: interconference championships held at Maplewood Hobby. There will also be a tournament open to all players who did not win their conference. $10 entry per player. Can be pay palled or given to me in person ( will go entirely to prize support) We have over $500 of prize support thanks to our amazing sponsors. League Champion will win a substantial amount of custom made prize support as well as their name engraved onto a custom plaque that they will get to display in their gamestore for one year until the next tristate league! Custom prize support to all conference champions. Raffle prizes open to all league participants. Gadzooks Games will also be providing a coupon and custom scheme marker to all league participants. Lets make this HUGE and have a great time guys!
  4. I will be hosting a demo night on April 2 from 6:30PM until 10:30PM at: Brothers Grim Games 1244 Middle Country Rd Selden NY 11784
  5. Andrew (Guy in a suit) and I are teaming up to run a month long painting contest between our two fair states to not only get our locals painting, but also to foster a friendly rivalry between NJ and NY . We will both be running painting contests within our stores through the month of May. The individual winners within each location will then be posted online and YOU THE PEOPLE will vote between entrants from each of our fair states to determine which side of the Hudson is the victor! (Which we all know will be NJ) The three categories are: Single Mini - 30mm Single Avatar or Large Base - 40mm+ Malifaux Crew Box (If no official Crew Box exists for what you want to paint, just submit a legal 30SS+ list of at least 5 models) There will be a prize for each category winner, and the overall 'State' winner will receive a custom prize they can display in their store to let us all know of their awesomeness or as Andrew put it Uber-ness. All entries must be submitted by 5/31. If any other NJ Area henchman want to join us, just let us know - the more the merrier and the more likely we are in winning J New Jersey entrants can either submit entries online at our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tabltopgamersunited/ Or if you prefer to be judged in person, show up at the Gamer's Gambitt on our regular Wednesday night Malifaux nights: Address: 446 Market St, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Phone:(201) 796-7377 Wednesdays - 6pm - 10pm
  6. Greetings to all, I will be running a demo day at my LGS Gamer's Gambit located in Saddle Brook, NJ. For all those who are interested please come down and take a look, play a demo game with myself or if your already a Malifaux Player come on down and get a game in. At the same time I am also running a slow grow league at Gamer's Gambit so if you are interested in joining let me know. I will be there at 6pm. Lazlo
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