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  1. And the biggest Malifaux League is coming to a close with its 3rd annual championships! Zookscon is coming up next weekend in NJ, and I'm excited to see some great competition on some sweet tables!
  2. Some more information: Dates: September 1- November 30 2016 for the league. Championship is December 10th. East coast final is at Maplewood hobby in Maplewood nj West coast is in California final location to be announced. Entry fee: $15 per person for the whole league 3 months of play, championship, and prizes included. Prizes are tba. There will be a participation prize for every person participating. Right now we are waiting for approval from Wyrd to be able to produce some goodies. There will also be raffle prizes including 80% of the neverborn faction and some limited edition models. There will also be trophies and custom prize support for our champions. Last year we had over $1,500 worth of stuff. I think we have allready surpassed that number. All money coming in goes back to the players in one way or another. We don't pay for the venue and I take nothing from the league. Pairings along with strats and deployment are determined in advance for all 3 months. You get your "schedule" and discuss with your opponents the best time to meet to play your games. Games get reported to your conference contact person and they keep track and will give me the information for each champion by the first week in December. Each player is required to play 2 games a month for 3 months. Each champion is required to travel the championship... If they can not the runner up will attend (and receive the champion prize). Each conference must have at least 1 person come to the championships in order to collect participation prizes we can not ship them as it may be seen as selling the prize which we can not do.
  3. It's getting to be that time again. Last year we started the TFL, we had 70 players spread across 11 gaming groups (conferences) from PA to MA. It was a league that ran from September to November and ended with championships in NJ. We had about $1,000 worth of prize support including custom fate decks that everyone went bananas for on AWP. So this year moving forward we would essentially take signups from gaming groups cross country and get them into the east or west coast depending on if they would make finals in NJ or Portland on the West Coast. In order for a gaming group to be a conference they need to have at least 4 players who are willing to commit to 2 games a month for 3 months, and have players willing to travel to the championships in their respective coasts Their opponents would be scheduled ahead of time and each month feature different schemes and strats on the date of the finals (December 10th) there will be a championship tourney, and there will be open tourneys running at the locations the same day and time. The champions from each conference (gaming group/ store) would compete in the championships and everyone else can play in the open tourney. The TFL will cost $15 to participate in and every player is guaranteed a participation prize. Conferences must have at least one player participate in the championships in order to collect participation prizes. Players must be signed up by 8/20/16 in order to participate. here are the east coast conferences and contact people that we have so far: Table Top Games, Fall River Massachusetts- Manny Almeida Basement Jacks (northern NJ/ Southern NY/ Toy Wiz/ etc)- Luis Pagan New Hampshire- Victor Wright Complete Strategist (NYC)Andrew Luke Nu Brand Gaming (brooklyn)- Arash Afghahi Brooklyn Strategist (brooklyn)- Davie Lustig / Damien Togit/ Maplewood Hobby (Central NJ)- Ben Hong Outside the Box (Southern NJ)- Will Farthing Enter the Realm (PA)- Chris Levis The Armory (Massachusetts)- Quinn Marie Giga-Bytes (Atlanta)- Brian Schoner 7th Dimension Games (Jenkintown PA)- Brian McIlvaine Montags (Houston, TX)- Mike Guy North Carolina- Dawn McCormack Plunge Brothers Grim (Long Island)- Scott Wilson Play More Games (MD)- Leonard Bisson West Coast: Vancouver, Canada- Dan Miner Portland-Josh Cal Seattle- Aidan Rogers If you are interested in joining feel free to contact the contact person above so they know you are interested.
  4. So, weekly at the Only Game in Town in Somerville NJ we have casual play night on Tuesdays. We also have the TFL coming up in the fall. The league will run from Sept-Nov, with east coast championship taking place in Maplewood, NJ at Maplewood Hobby Dec 10th.
  5. Sounds Awesome, I am looking forward to it!
  6. Coming up for March and April we have a 2 tournament series at The Only Game in Town 211 W Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876 and Maplewood Hobby 1970 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ 07040. On 3/19/16 at Maplewood Hobby 1970 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ we will have a 50ss tourney using the Classic schemes and strategies. Registration at 10am, cards flip at 11am. On 4/23/16 at The Only Game in Town 211 W Main St, Somerville, NJ 08876 we will have a 50ss tourney using the new schemes in the 2016 gaining ground packet. Registration at 10am, cards flip at 11am. $10 entry for each tournament. Malifaux product will be 10% off to tournament participants at each tourney. Both tourneys will have prize support in store credit for 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd place. in addition to the individual store tournament prizes, the person who accrues the most victory points across both tournaments combined will receive a Dark Carnival crew box. Players will register their LGS or Local Gamestore as well when coming to tournaments. The store with the most victory points will receive a trophy to display (can be any store or gaming group, not just Maplewood or TOGIT)... definitely hope to see Nu Brand and the Basement Jacks in attendance.
  7. So all information and reporting for the campaign will go on the NJ Jackalopes Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NJJackalopes/ get your starting crews up there!!!!
  8. We will be running a Shifting Loyalties campaign at The Only Game in Town in Somerville, NJ from 1/19-2/23. Leading up to the event we will be having demo days every Tuesday so it is the perfect time to get into Malifaux! I am also available to make it into the store on Wednesdays for any Mordhiem players who are looking to try something new. $10 entry Week 1: A lucrative offer- 35 points (no master) week 2: vermin infestation- 35 points (no master) week 3: the lonely traveler- 35 points (no master) week 4: contract work- can take masters week 5: a sinners prayer- 50 points week 6: wandering mercenaries- 50 points Limited to 2 games per week, 12 scrip max. Optional Rules: The Good Doctor Before the Event Hide Outs There will be a prize for the winner of the campaign (an assembled and painted alternate barbaros!), there will also be a prize for the best themed hide out transport tray or terrain piece. There will be random raffle prizes as well.
  9. So guys, Arcana is doing some awesome work and taking donations of games to ship overseas as care packages to our fighting men and women (and you know we want them to be getting cool stuff like Malifaux and infinity). I know a lot of servicemen and women who really enjoyed wargaming while stuck away from home fighting for our country and this can make a difference in their quality of life. During the tourney we will be taking donations of game products to send overseas, and you can always buy product from Arcana to donate. As part of the tourney everyone who donates something will be entered in a raffle for at the minimum a gadzooks laser level (as well as a handshake, hug, or high five from myself).... bigger donations which would start a barracks off in a game (like the 2 player malifaux starter, infinity operation ice storm, etc) will receive 10 raffle entries. Arcana will also be contributing prizes for the raffle in the spirit of fun one upmanship for charity...if a two player starter is donated assembled Weary Wargamer Painting will paint it for free prior to shipping it out.... if we luck out maybe Gadzooks Gaming can provide 8 bases for it?
  10. Sure! We had 2 great tournaments happening, our open tournament and the championships. In the open tournament George H. from The Only Game in Town placed 1rst with Eric Koger from Arcana (and co owner of Gadzooks) took 2nd. In the league championships, Matt Birdoff from the Basement Jacks took 1rst with Ten Thunders, Ben Hong from TOGIT placed 2nd with Ten Thunders, and Scott Wilson from Long Island placed third (I believe with Outcasts). There were a lot of prizes that went out to pretty much all of the conferences (I do have a small box of stuff for the Massachucets crew that I need to get up there). It seemed like everyone had a terrific time, and even those who couldn't come to the tourney reported 3 months filled with fun games. We will definitely be coming back next year and this will be an annual event. Gadzooks and Underground Lasers have already pledged their support (and we may be getting more custom fate decks as participation prizes). There is a Facebook group up for the Tristate Malifaux League and I do suggest that people like it for updates throughout the "off season." Next year we are looking to iron out some of the reporting kinks as well as the issues that people had with the date. We are also looking to expand further to more conferences.
  11. Friendly reminder as this is coming up pretty soon!
  12. Allrighty guys, waiting on a few final results, but what we have so far is: Arcana Conference champion: Al J, Runner up: Ed F. Togit Conference champion: Ben H. Runner up: George H. South Jersey Conference champion: Dave K, Runner up: Jacob F. Enter the Realm: Chris L. Runners up: Brad and Charles Basement Jacks: Matt B, runner up: Sebastian P Brooklyn: Arash A, Runner up: Andrew W. (followed very closely by Will P and Jarrett M). Waiting to hear back from Tabletop Games and the long island group to finish. Congrats to our conference champions. Remember there will be an open tournament running the same day and same location for anyone who is not a conference champion. Tons of prizes for door prizes, raffle prizes, participation, 1,2,3 in the open tourney, conference champs, league champ, best 3 tables of terrain (definitely come out with your good terrain!). Conference champions must be present to claim their prize, if they are not it will go to the next runner up present.
  13. This is the only post for the tourneys and league.
  14. Spending the day bundling prize bundles! We have 3 prizes for the top 3 tables of terrain you guys bring out, prize bundles for the conference champions, a prize bundle for the winner of the league, fate deck participation prizes for all players, prizes for 1,2, and 3rd place in the open tourney, and a host of door and raffle prizes!
  15. Allrighty guys, less than 1 week left to report games. There will be 2 tournaments running on 11/28. One for all of the conference champions (and/ or their runners up if the champion is unable to attend), and one open to everyone else ($5 entry). Registration for both begins at 10AM, match ups announced at 10:45, cards begin flipping at 11:00am. It is very important that if you are a champion you let me know in advance if you can not make it to the event as soon as possible. Prize support will include: Prize for best looking table of terrain (its a great reason to bring out a table's worth of terrain if you have it!), Door prize raffles for Wyrd product (we have crew boxes, base inserts, token sets, terrain, limited edition models, etc), Raffles for prizes based on league participation, prize packages for all conference champions, prize package and trophy for league winner, and store credit prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the secondary tourney. We have a lot of prizes, I definitely suggest making it out if you can. Hope to see everyone there.
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