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First battle scars


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Had my first game this weekend! :D



Played for 35 SS (just Henchman encounter).

my list: Francois, Pere, Raphael, Rami, Slop Hauler, Bayou Gremlin and dirty cheater X2 (5SS cache)


against 4 Iron Zombies from Universtity of Transmortis led by the Valedictorian (6SS cache).


It was amazing how quickly we started getting into the flipping (still call it rolling) mechanics and all the defense shennanigans


There was a part of the game in which we got a bit stuck. The Valedictorian was 15" away from Rami - not within charge range, so she cannot charge, as she has Wk 6 and Cg 9 + close range 3", but  since I haven't seen a rule that said that the only way to get into close combat is by charging the enemy, is it possible to do the following instead:

The Valedictorian would move twice (12"), bringing her into proximity (3") from Rami and count as being engaged? Getting into close range without charging is still possible, right? the only catch is that she cannot attack on that same turn.


And if this is possible, on his own activation, Rami, now engaged, needs to Test for Horror TN12 because of the Valedictorian's Terrifying (all) rule, Cannot attack her as he has no close range attack action, needs to move away to be able to shoot, but will suffer a disengaging strike?

Did we understood it right?

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Thank you Dirial.


I thought that the Horror duel strikes whenever the Horror causing creature is in engagement distance, regardless of who took the movement.

But the wording of the ability points to your answer, alright.


I was causing 1 Dmg for Reckless on Rami (then healing it back with Dirty cheater) so I could take 3 AP a turn with him, spending the first AP on Focusing so he could shoot (2nd AP) up to 36" and have :+fate  to both Sh and Wound, then take another shot (third AP) at normal range after losing the Focus condition.

But I have seen some saying they are doing Focus and shooting twice with a focused shot in the same activation. How can this be, if he Reduces the Focus condition by 1 to apply it to the first shot?

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AHA! Bang! Gotcha!


So it is not possible to stack one focused for 2 shots a turn, but I can focus twice to get one shot at full range with :+fate  :+fate  for both Sh and Wd.

That's what made sense.


it seems that some people are getting away with a lot on misread rules...


Thanks Vidd.

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On sunday I participated in a 35 SS Henchman tournament. Most of the time I ran the same list as you did, but with 1 extra Slop Hauler and Cache of 6 SS - total of 35 SS.


I like to put Dirty Cheater on Francois LaCroix and Raphael LaCroix for these reasons:

  • Rami LaCroix can heal via (1) Trusty Flask
  • Francois LaCroix can Cheat (0) Showdown - not to successfully cast it, but to heal 1 Wd
  • Raphael LaCroix has Hard to Kill


I also like Stilts on Francois LaCroix to prevent damage from his automatic Dumb Luck trigger on his (1) Duelling Sword.

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Stilts, Goddamit!


I keep reading about how good they are and keep forgetting they exist (le shame).


I know his Duelling sword is the shtick, but I was facing University Zombies that can make me NOT declare triggers if I am within 8" of their Teacher's Pet ability.

kinda sucks if you want to use in in close combat and find out there is no Dumb Luck trigger then.


So I used Francois as the gunslinger rather than the swordsman.

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Don't forget Stilts precludes Francois from benefiting from Toss or the Launch ability of Lenny and the pigapult, respectively.

Also, it means he can't be ignored via Ophelia's Shoot High Boys or Rami's Aim High.

Still awesome on him and irrelevant as soon as he drops them, but worth noting.

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Ophelia can also give Rami Focus by using the (0)Action from her My Threatening Gun. And the same is true of Sammy LaCroix, naturally.


I think this is more efficient as you need to pay 5ss for the Student and the Gremlin totems are so darn good. 

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Does that mean you guys dont use Ophelia's totems?


I have seen that since they can be taken in groups of 3, can shoot with her upgrades and stick around her, giving back her lost loot after she gets Plinked, these can work a bit as an armour/gun servitor combo in 40K.

I have noticed that some of the Totems out there are more useful in some roles, but these are nothing to scoff at.

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I really like Young LaCroix. They pay themselves back by arming Ophelia, give a lot of bang for the buck for activation control and Focus shooting their own guns is nothing to scoff at - especially near Lenny when they are downright ridiculous. They are super squishy and Insignificant Peons so don't fit all Strategy/Scheme combos and Old Cranky is some fierce competition but I do think they definitely have their place. Too bad two of the three plastic minis are horribly out of scale.

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