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Sanity / Purity?


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Greetings Everyone!


I purchased the TTB books at GenCon last year and am just now starting up my campaign as a FM.  I was wondering, has anyone developed a Sanity and / or Purity scale?  I am somewhat surprised these aren't in the core rulebook but do understand the need to not overly complicate it.  I would imagine Wyrd would eventually release some kind of ruleset in an expansion book.


So...back to the question, does anyone have something already in progress?  If so, would you mind sharing and if not...any thoughts on how we could make one?


My initial thoughts would be that these would be secret stats maintained by the FM that would provide bonuses and penalties to the Fated?

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Nothing in mind YET, but I'm still working on the ground, not the sky. :)


My current plan for "Red Bloods" are to have +1 Might and -1 Grace, plus -1 Intellect and +1 Cunning, to make up for their Neverborn-ness. They need some kind of small bonus, and a social penalty, most likely, and have access to special Neverborn-only Talents that I still don't have worked out.


Beyond THAT, look to The Shiwper, from the magical traditions, for the closest thing we have to 'corruption' just now. There's certainly room for more!

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Purity is difficult in Malifaux. especially once the gremlins and Neverborn are pcs.

What about sanity?  I've always wondered how they plan to impliment the other species (Neverborne / Gremlins) being a human type Neverborne is still fairly obvious in daylight.  I just don't want to slip in to the DnD where your party is 4 different species all skipping along holding hands.


I tend towards creating much more narrative focuses and less focused on stats and abilities.

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I'm actually a big fan of how few things are defined by a system in TTB. I like roleplay more than I like stat-management (though I know there are those on the other end of the spectrum).


Does it have to be stat management?  The system I'm thinking of developing would be 'secret' and only the FM would see it.  It wouldn't provide stats but rather personality quirks, maybe the characters develop afflictions of the mind (similar to the Teddy Story on Book 3).  Just thoughts, I just want their decisions to effect their personalites and a long term spiral downfall.


My story for the group I am hosting holds the promise that every character will be mentally scarred by the end of the campaign.

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I'm generally not a fan of telling players, "Oh, and because of that event you now have a personality quirk." I know GURPS and Call of Cthulhu do it, and it can be fun, but I prefer to deal with changing personalities via roleplaying.

Though perhaps a special critical hit chart for Willpower duels instead of Defense duels could be fun and accomplish something similar?

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Well, you have the three critical charts for serious wounds, right?


All you have to do is make a similar one for Terror checks. Fail a Terror check by a margin, roll on the "Minor" chart. By 2, the 'Medium' chart, and 3+ on the "INSANE" chart.


So, you have temporary heebie-jeebies and jumpiness, then long-twitches (Get that cat away from me. I HATE CATS!), then long term MAJOR things (Gibber!) ... the mechanics are mostly in place, you just need to fill in the blanks.

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